Acid Girls' Escape v1.0.12 APK + MOD (Free Tips)

Acid Girls' Escape
App Name Acid Girls' Escape
Size 27M
Latest Version 1.0.12
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Update September 10, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
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Acid Girls’ Escape is a puzzle game but combines horror and gore elements to stimulate the player’s experience over time or through particular actions. Above all, it uses the standard retro graphics engine to make everything more vivid and immersive for players to discover great things. The game’s main content will also be continuously expanded and give players a lot of entertainment and creative ideas to complete the goal.

Acid Girls' Escape


Acid Girls’ Escape mainly uses lovely girls as the main objective of the projects, so the player’s task is to complete all the puzzles and help them escape. However, the puzzles have no hints or tutorials, so it takes the point-n-click factor to a whole new level to stimulate the gameplay experience. Through it, the player needs to find the correct path to help them escape or complete all the objectives that appear scattered on the road.

The puzzles are all irregularly designed, and they have only one way out, while the remaining options will kill the girls mercilessly. That is also the fascinating point of the game, and when the puzzles are designed and developed to be complex, they will even change the pattern to increase the difficulty after each attempt. However, a few new hints will be revealed, giving players new beginnings until they overcome all deaths.

Acid Girls' Escape Acid Girls' Escape


The best entertainment of the game is the death animations that come from the puzzles, as they are violent but creative for the player to collect all the achievements. Furthermore, those death animations are automatically saved in the log, and the player can check all their data to avoid re-triggering the trap a second time. Each girl will have her death, combined with each puzzle, which will create an attractive diversity for players.

As the player advances to new levels, death animations become more complex and difficult to trigger, but their difficulty is increased significantly to excite the player. Some violence will also be added to each achievement, and players can preview or find effective ways to activate each mechanic. More mysteries or stories of each girl will also appear along with each puzzle, making the gameplay even more impressive.

Acid Girls' Escape Acid Girls' Escape Acid Girls' Escape


A familiar feature of point-n-click genres like Acid Girls’ Escape is that it requires players to interact with everything in the environment to find essential items. They can be scattered everywhere, and some items can be used to unlock further challenges if used carefully, including saving the girls. Furthermore, players can use the save or load function to replay each challenge and apply new ways to overcome the puzzle.


Acid Girls’ Escape also requires the player to unlock each girl’s endings as they go through multiple puzzles and deaths, which is different from unlocking death animations. The affection and interaction of each person will gradually improve if the player successfully passes the puzzle with the least number of deaths. That shows each girl’s diversity of personality and emotions, giving players more discoveries and experiences when rescuing all girls with tragic fates.

The content and essence of Acid Girls’ Escape focus on puzzles and the horror of each death for players to unlock any achievement or performance. It also applies retro-style graphics that make everything more dramatic and attractive, bringing a new color to the story and gameplay.

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