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Gameplay using the MOBA format is too accessible on the market today when you can Find such a game right on Google Play easily. (there is a small information that Riot is about to relaunch LOL Mobile). In general, this category has too many publishers creating games and giving players a free experience. Battle Blobs: 3v3 Multiplayer is also a product that reuses this game, but there are necessary variations to make it unnecessary to rely on the reputation of MOBA game to get much attention. people.

Collect and upgrade a crazy bunch

Battle Blobs is an entirely new game that has just been released last month. As the introduction of the publisher's minimalist title, it will be a game that allows players to battle three other people found on the internet. You will also team-up with two random allies to fight against the enemy. Strenuous gunfights are always what players seek. But this game is a combination of fun and fast-paced gameplay. With full 3D graphics, players can enjoy this product clearly and sharply. As in the title, you can immediately identify that it will be given priority in color optimization. Blobs will be the most used power in this game. Every time you gain power, they will create a battlefield filled with colors. Each car will have a tone of its own, so as long as you observe the battlefield quickly and see which side of the faction is more, then that side is likely to have an advantage. Character design is also a lot of attention and favored by many people when it brings all cute characters, suitable for many ages. When starting the game, the player will be given a default character. You will use them in the first matches, but until the next game you have enough money, you can unlock new faces.

Upgrade a roster of characters

Through the introduction, you probably have a preliminary understanding of the activities. It is like a MOBA game placed in 3v3 arena. Do not mean that players will participate in a battlefield in which there will be six players in total facing each other. As a simple mechanism of this type of game, each phase will have a unique base. That is where a bunker with cannon is placed as a critical point for this battle. It is the place where you must reach and destroy when you collapse the enemy's base; it will be counted as a victory. But don't think about going into it and killing it quickly. Because the cannon on the roof of the tunnel always positioned the enemy's target near it and shot down. If you are still not stable and resilient, do not rush into it because, at the beginning of the game, no hero can withstand some of its shots. Generally, depending on the map, the base and the fighting areas are set differently. However, the mechanism is still the same. First, when entering the game, players will try to take care of the battlefield quickly and take a strategic position that benefits their team. Then when the enemy rushes, try to use your power to attack them. Finally, destroy the enemy main house and Victory. [tabs] [tab]Battle Blobs MOD (APK FILE)[/tab] [/tabs]

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Download APK (70.51MB)
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