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There have been a lot of MOBA titles produced for players to experience but they have a lot in common. But today, I will give players a game that has a lot of differences compared to the other games that players have ever experienced. It is Kick-Flight, a game that has just been released but has attracted a lot of attention from players. This game in addition to the fierce battle, there are many differences from the gameplay for players to experience. So if you are bored with the rules, then come immediately to this game to see the difference in it.

Free-flying and midair battles

Like any other MOBA game, players will be able to participate in a battle of eight players. Each match will take place within three minutes and when the time is up, the team with the higher score will win. That's what at least players need to know when coming to this game to play the game. Here, let me explore everything about this game in more detail.

 3-minute 4 vs 4 real-time battle!

The context of this game is not like most games that players have played before. It was no longer a battle on a battlefield in a land anymore. The battlefield that this game brings to that player is in the air, something that is rarely seen in MOBA games. As the battlefield will take place in the air, most of the match time, the character is flying. What makes the character fly is the shoes, but this will make the game harder. Players will have a lot of difficulties controlling their character because the character will fly rather than walk. But thanks to the guidance of the game when starting out, players will quickly get used to how to control the character.

Characters with incredible skills and abilities

Characters will have two ways to move that is to fly normally in the air and boost up - a skill to accelerate in a short time. Players can use boost ups when double-clicking on the game's screen to use skills. In a match, the energy for players to use this skill when the maximum is only six consecutive times only. After using up, the player needs a period of time to recharge the player's device. So only use this skill in times of danger to escape the enemy attack.

Discover your very own way of fighting

In the game, players will see a lot of crystal blocks appear scattered throughout the map and players will need to rob them. When the player steals a crystal, the team score is increased by one point. When the time is up, the team with the higher score will be the winner. But there is one more way for players to achieve high scores, which is stealing points from the opponent. For example, if you stole five cubes then your team will gain five more points, but when destroyed you will lose those five points. The five points the player loses will be transferred to the enemy's score and your team's score will also be reduced. So attack the enemy to steal their points and quickly become the winning team.

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