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West Legends
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You ride on a horse, wander around the wilderness, do the freelance work that you like. Cowboys, singing and sometimes shooting to protect their property. Returning home from a long day on the grasslands, drinking some beer in the bar and telling a few stories to friends. Actually, the life of a cowboy has been an attraction for many generations ago. By now, these images and passions are no longer the same, but their reputation for gun battles and "no law" is still handed down.

Become a hero of the Wild West!

West Legends: 3V3 MOBA took the idea from that land, with the gunfights unfinished. They put on engaging gameplay; high resistance is MOBA. Make it interesting and exciting. Not only that, but it makes the battle more real because of its fast pace. However, the combination of players together in a battle to win tactically.

Various game modes and maps

Taihe Games seems to want to capture the hearts of gamers with the first game launched on its operating system. MOBA play is still one of the leading players in the gaming market, so the number of gamers who know how to play it right from the beginning will be a lot. It is also introduced to the game extremely fast, just 3 minutes for a game. Save time, play more games, use more in less time.

Fast paced 3-minute battles. Anytime, anywhere!

Like all other MOBA games, it still has the main objective of fighting fiercely and destroying the main enemy base. Fortunately, this game only supports the team of 3 people only. With smaller maps, fewer people, so many collisions, much easier to control the map. First, to talk about a MOBA game, West Legends must meet a sufficient number of heroes to pick players in their match. Although the number of games has not been too rich, with 15 heroes is enough for a new game launch The manufacturer will continue to update in the next version. Besides, there are also many game modes to experience Jungle Raid, Beer Garden Brawl, Train Heist, Miner's Misfortune. The controls are quite simple with analog stick controls, a basic attack button and a skill button that accumulates power over attacks. You will have to move constantly to attack and gain strength for skills. Kill enemies to accumulate items and win.


West Legends is a MOBA-based game but is not constrained by the standard map. So you can play the game, customize the character and create the way you want. Such a fast-paced game is suitable for leisure in the free time. [tabs] [tab]West Legends: 3V3 MOBA [APK FILE][/tab] [/tabs]

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Download APK (90.79MB)
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