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IRC for Android v2.1.59 APK Download for Android

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App Name IRC
Genre Communication
Size 1.47MB
Latest Version 2.1.59
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Nowadays, exchanging text messages has social networking applications, and there are more and more ways to exchange, chat and exchange information. But there is a name that has been around for a long time, and it plays a perfect role in exchanging information, communicating with each other very well. It is PC software, and today it is available in a mobile version, the IRC for Android. Let's find out the great thing this application brings.
IRC for Android ™ IRC for Android ™


IRC is the abbreviation of "internet relay chat," which is a form of fast communication via the internet in the form of text. This communication method allows servers to be linked with multiple users for access by other applications. Through this communication method, users can exchange messages with each other continuously and instantly. IRC for Android ™ is provided by CounterCultured, manufactured for mobile devices instead of having a computer and installing IRC software; these days, as long as you have a phone, you can give exchange information, text messages with everyone instantly, quickly, and conveniently.


These days IRC for Android is popularly used in information exchange groups or on forum sites or social media channels. This application can be used on other applications such as messenger ... For everyone to discuss and chat together. To be able to use this program, you need an IRC server, IRC client, IRC channel. Using the application, you can instantly and synchronously exchange information or data by sending and receiving information from the servers. This application allows individual users and clients to connect to the server through the IRC client. Data sources discussed on exchange channels have thousands of IRC channels around the world. And the user-personalized application hosted on the server's account is different. Besides, the application also provides a highly secure service, very fast login and logout. With this application, it is straightforward to exchange multiple servers at the same time. A place to share personal meetings, chat with everyone worldwide with accounts on the application channel. What makes people choose this app maybe its security, any individual user with their own account, and ease of use.
IRC for Android ™ IRC for Android ™ IRC for Android ™


IRC for Android is a super-quality application that supports multiple servers and stays connected in the background. The application has SSL, which stands for secure sockets layer, a technology security standard, encrypted communication between server and browser. This security standard operates within the application to ensure that the server's data and the user's browser are entirely private. And the application also has SASL, which is used to represent simplicity in authentication and a robust security layer. Additionally, the app has a complete nick, instant notifications, and symmetric encryption that uses magnetization to encrypt the data using Blowfish encryption. Using this application, you can view the list of accounts, channel list, and support encoding, DDC sends, and receive with support of UPNP. The application is supported on Windows and Android devices. The application has a chat channel where you can register channel usernames. The username will be set by the individual server, including numbers, letters, and without special characters. You should also write the letters and numbers of the username. On this channel, you and everyone will talk and discuss specifically in this application network. Some public channels require a password so that more channels are open to the public.


IRC for Android has IRC / mIRC / ANSI colors to support communication and discussion in the best way for everyone. You can personalize windows for your messages and channels. Besides, the backup and restore functions of the application so that you do not get hit by a conversation or information with great security. The application has a friendly interface and a simple design that makes it easy for users to remember and use. The blue background color represents the globe, and the white lines connecting everyone around the world. With this highly secure and convenient instant communication application, you will easily share discussions with everyone. With loads of great features that the app brings, it doesn't take up too much in your phone memory. It's lighter and more convenient than ever, so download the app right away to your phone for a very convenient text messaging experience.

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Download APK (1.47MB)
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