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For many people, learning a new language is very difficult and boring because of the large vocabulary and grammar. So Drops app is a great app that helps you to eliminate the boredom of language learning. Daniel Farkas and Mark Szulyovszky founded this app. They all feel obsessed about the old learning language they have learned before, thus stimulating their curiosity to find a more effective learning solution. The application has many different languages in which learners can choose their favorite language. This is a learning style combined with an intuitive game, and the beautiful illustrations will help learners not get bored and memorize vocabulary longer.


drops-language-learning-mod-premium-unlock-moddroid-moddroid Drops is a free language learning application with short and attractive games that make it easier for users to learn. With many languages, this app has a lot of followers and uses, making it one of the top exercise apps in just a short time. This is a great learning app with funny animations of words for each word, making it easy for users to use pictures and remember words for longer. drops-language-learning-mod-premium-unlock-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid The app divides the lessons into several categories: travel and vehicles, business and technology, sports and fitness, social and political, fashion, and several others. Each category will be divided into small items, and each item will have 20-25 different new words. The application also has the function to save the words you have learned into the collection to review them. In particular, the 5-minute study-time limit makes you even more addicted to this app.


drops-language-learning-mod-premium-unlock-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid Drops is a beautiful visual illustration app that makes you more interested in learning, and those images help you memorize words faster and longer. When reviewing those words, this application will help you effectively by producing 2-4 illustrations and a word that you have learned before. You will drag the word down to the illustration that matches the meaning of the word. drops-language-learning-mod-premium-unlock-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid The app is easy to learn because the games in the app are fun and addictive. This is a unique combination of learning and playing, but you will not waste time playing games; instead, you will gain valuable knowledge about the new language. Game-based learning is a strange idea, but it will probably be more effective and not boring for learners when learning a new language.


drops-language-learning-mod-premium-unlock-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid Unlike other apps that you can learn for as long as you like, with this Drops app, you only learn 5 minutes a day. Limiting time may sound intuitive, but it makes this app addictive for learners. Many people think 5 minutes is probably too little, but no, it's really enough because during that time you will learn enough words so that when you come back the next day, you can remember that word more firmly. drops-language-learning-mod-premium-unlock-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid With the upper limit, learners will have daily learning habits and not be bored. This tool will always remind you to study every day to be effective because if you do not study every day, how good an application will be worthless. This is the application that helps you develop a flexible mind and improve your language proficiency better. If you want, you can increase your study time by purchasing an advanced package.


drops-language-learning-mod-premium-unlock-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid This Drops app will have no word typing feature because you only learn vocabulary through the game and surf feature. You need to swipe and tap to learn vocabulary, and this learning method is easy and effective. Moreover, the study time is only 5 minutes, so the app uses this method to shorten the time and takes advantage of learning more new words. Moreover, learning with pictures is also more effective than typing each word and helps users remember longer. drops-language-learning-mod-premium-unlock-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid-moddroid The focus of this application is vocabulary, so there will be no grammar. Therefore, it focuses on basic to advanced vocabulary for learners who are just starting or already have the language's basics. Besides, the app also has alphabet classes for those who are starting to learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. With a huge vocabulary, this application will be of great help to you in improving your learning. If you get bored with learning a new language, download Drops now. You will feel more interested in learning exciting games that give you more knowledge and help you remember for longer.

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perfectly works on me, thank you. but cant log in google account

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It works great. You still have premium benefits even if it says you don't have premium. No limitations whatsoever. I highly recommend. I'm not a bot. proof down below.

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it's a perfect app for learning a new language