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Medisafe - Pill Reminder & Medication v9.28.12522 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) Download

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App Name Medisafe
Genre Life
Size 103.52MB
Latest Version 9.28.12522
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Rating 5.0/5 (56 votes)
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Medisafe reminds users to take their medicine on time and categorizes the drugs according to the schedule and the amount of medicine they have taken during the day.
Each of us taking medicine is sometimes a difficult problem. Because we need to take medication at the right time and use the medicine in the correct dosage that the doctor has prescribed. Therefore, we have researched a smart application called - MEDISAFE. This is an ingenious and creative application. It helps you to solve the problems you are having. It's about taking medicine and other foods at the right time. You won't have to forget the time you use it. Because MEDISAFE is always by your side, let's explore its intelligence together!


Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker - Medisafe (MOD, Premium Unlock) *** As you have seen, this application helps you to take your medicine at the right time, the right medicine, and displays on your phone screen the reminder for food. And you only need to note the correct usage time, and the application will help you solve the above problems. And especially, no matter how complicated the drug schedule is, MEDISAFE will help you handle it intelligently. How long you spend on medications or other foods. Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker - Medisafe (MOD, Premium Unlock) *** The application will inform you completely and intelligently. You need to follow the instructions that you have set out in the app. Use the correct order and regulation that the app notifies or reminds you of. Magnetism helps you have better health. You will feel full of confidence and energy when prompted when to take medicine or other supplements. You won't have to worry if it's time to take your medicine. Just using the app, all your worries will take care of you. You will feel safer and happier.


Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker - Medisafe (MOD, Premium Unlock) *** Taking into account your weight, sugar, and blood pressure makes it easy to report or send it to your doctor or nurse. From there, your doctor can know your schedule. And help your health condition to be improved. You can also refill your prescription when you want to add medicine to your schedule. Your caregiver will also know how to eat, drink, or take medicine. Your family members will easily observe and survey the medicines that you have taken today. Know how many medicines you take a week, what kind of drugs are they, or whether it is suitable for the condition you are having or not. Help your loved ones ease the difficulties and inconveniences they are taking care of. Make a very accurate and useful schedule to help your condition get better. And this app also includes people suffering from all kinds of diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, HIV, Crohn, Parkinson,...


Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker - Medisafe (MOD, Premium Unlock) *** The application will give you many lessons from videos of famous doctors in the world. Helping you know the tips like whether to take medicine before a meal or after a meal, which medicine is beneficial, ... You can watch beneficial videos, especially it's completely free. Those are the videos that we clearly and precisely filtered out. So you can apply these tips easily and conveniently. Give lots of useful advice about the medical conditions you have and help make your illness better. You will clearly notice that this application is a brilliant and convenient app while you use it.


Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker - Medisafe (MOD, Premium Unlock) *** You don't have to worry about paying service fees for the app because this is entirely free. We created MADISAFE to help everyone to use the app conveniently and satisfied. It is an extremely useful and creative application. And in particular, the app was ranked number 1 by pharmacists in independent research. And it is also ranked 1st out of 300,000 apps worldwide. This is a world-recognized app: a smart app that solves the problems of your medical condition. Give the right time for you to use the smartest and most comfortable way. It is truly free and completely free. There is no need to hesitate about service charges. You do not need to pay any fee for this application. Because we created this app is for you all. Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker - Medisafe (MOD, Premium Unlock) *** What are you waiting for? Please download this app and use it. You will know how smart and modern you are when you use it. We will clearly see that this is an innovative and convenient application. You do not need to worry or think about the time to use the medicine. You don't have to worry that you will forget which medicines you took. The schedule will become more comfortable when you have MEDISAFE by your side, and introduce your friends and relatives to use the app together to have a smart schedule.

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Download APK (103.52MB)
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