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Feeling your work has become so busy these days that you don't have time to rest? You do not have time to spend a good night's sleep? You are worried about lack of sleep which will adversely affect your health? So this will be a solution to increase efficiency in helping you get a healthy break time. An application called Sleep as Android will be the best option that will help you improve your sleep easily and relaxed. Developed by Urbandroid, a team that makes applications for improving health, helping you get sleep, relax and support users to lead a healthy lifestyle for the purpose of bringing people Use easy to improve health in daily life. Sleep as Android (MOD, Premium Unlock) Their applications are now well received and very satisfied with what they bring. With many features included in Sleep as Android, users will gradually change their sleeping habits and give themselves an energetic morning. When you install this application, you will try to experience this application for about 14 days after which the application will charge an installation fee of about 7$. If you see many benefits that this application brings during the trial, then with no money you have to regret.


So how can Sleep as Android help users improve their sleep? In this application, Sleep as Android" has a feature that many users are interested in is "Sleep tracking". With this feature, you will allow this app to track your sleep cycle by setting your sleep duration for how long and will wake you in time. Although similar to how to set alarms on mobile phones, the difference here is that this application will show more statistics about the results in the observation process you are assessed on 4 criteria: Duration Sleep, Sleep abnormality, Deep sleep and snoring. In addition, the application also provides an additional graph of sleep deprivation from you. Based on the notification results, users can know what they need to improve to help balance your sleep time appropriately. Sleep as Android (MOD, Premium Unlock)

FEATURES - Easy to set up simple to use in everyday life

Track your sleep cycle and wake up smart: As mentioned above, this app will track your sleep cycle to make an assessment of the results seen during the observation to help people. Use your awareness of what you need to improve on your sleep. With this feature, users can improve their sleep status to have a healthy mind and a robust body. In addition, the application also has the ability to set notifications to remind users to go to bed on schedule to get the best effect and wake users up after getting enough sleep. The app also creates a sleep chart for users to observe and know about their recent sleep patterns to improve sleep. Sleep as Android (MOD, Premium Unlock) Alarm Sounds: In addition to the alarm sounds to wake the user, there are sounds of nature soothing and melodious to put the user to sleep faster. This will support the sleep process because when we hear a sound of nature, we are like returning to nature's mother. As immersed in the arms of mother nature warm and gentle, gently lull us to sleep. Record Sleep: When you sleep, the application also allows recording all sounds emitted during your sleep. Typically your new voices or even the snores are recorded so you can listen again the next morning. Sleep as Android (MOD, Premium Unlock)


Built-in 2 main colors: white and blue. Not too eye-catching, but gentle for viewers to observe. The interface of the application is optimized for all information only in a single cell and in that tab, there are many categories arranged by the creative team. This is very convenient and easy to get used to using the application. The first category will be "Alarm Setting", followed by "Last Night" to indicate last night's sleep time, below is "Sleep Evaluation Score", finally "Recording Snoring or Speaking Tangle ". The interface is easy to use, you can get acquainted immediately. Coming to this application, the quality of sleep will be significantly improved. This ensures both your mind and body are in the best state to work. Download Sleep as Android blankly now. [/tabs]

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Download APK (35.73MB)
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