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The largest social network in the world today is Facebook, with the number of users reaching nearly 3 billion users around the globe. There is no social network that can surpass the dominance and throne of Facebook, even when many other famous platforms belong to Facebook. On the web version of the web, messaging and using Facebook could be integrated as one thing, but for the Android, not the same. Users need to download both Facebook and Messenger apps to use them. But one-way users can combine the two is by using Friendly Social Browser - a social networking application. QX5wBlscNYEOon4qBxRJssHbDRc0qW53B_fWQhoxDa4GfhCW3FzkiUmygWib8D8Y69xX=w500 (500×889)


It is impossible to combine the two, but for this application, anything is possible. If users are wondering how to do that, let me guide you. To use this application, the first thing that users need to do is download the application so that it is installed on the user's device. Next, everything has become much simpler; users need to launch the application to start working. Next, the user needs to add an account to the application so it can begin working. The user only needs to enter the user's account and password into the app to link them. hNvXdJJlvMeHZODmzTNU0J1Bv-_R6mN79ltnxfzN65U7h-m6SlbpTY1xtihFnApSBXA=w500 (500×889) After the user has successfully logged into the application, it will be visible in the built-in application Messenger for users to use. Users do not need to download both Facebook and Messenger apps to use them; download one to use the features of both. Just log in to your account in the application; everything is done, users do not need to do too many difficult operations to use it. ao8XPUzkpLq1fD-L2FWQ_ted8-wv88VD2u9mY4G6l3dvRZDMDsA1ZqBh2Tox4LN1ZYDn=w500 (500×889)

Using multiple apps

This app was born not only to bring Facebook and Messenger together but also to do more. That feature is a small part of the many things an app can do for the user to use. Another feature that the application has is that not only is it used for a social network, but also many other platforms are also used in the application. For example, users can add Instagram or Tumblr accounts in the app for easy management. This application can act as a tool to manage all the social media accounts that users have. When the user starts the application, there are many different platforms and need to launch what they want to use. Apps link all accounts together, so users can easily change or search for something on multiple platforms. pTh-9HjrGtTk7cYAQJxdB5-bvLTQ9P9xYdn4EQXDDidEMA1eXXWUpnvZxos6MlIiVQ=w500 (500×889)


If a user has multiple social media accounts, they will need to download many different apps to use them. But for this application, users can save a lot of space to use for other things. Users only need to download a single application; all that the user needs is ready to work. The application also helps users save two things that are battery and data for internet access. When there are too many applications, it is necessary to use battery power to operate and store them. But with the application, the user's battery is only used to run one thing, not many things, so it saves a lot. Data to access social networks is also more economical and can be used over a longer time. JM2KML63UjABF1ZINciJqybAMyBc8b6Jgtuq2A-Hx3ve9W8f3Z6hEeZdHdtFjr5xpvOu=w500 (500×889)

Diverse application themes

Facebook is the main color of white and blue; Instagram is white and orange; each application has a default color tone and cannot change that. But with this application, it is entirely possible when the user can change the color of the application to bring a new experience. The application will provide many colors so that users can choose the color they like to change the color of the application. BjpWJb24X8HjsX-BZWg8HOMSVOdigDgeYMpkOHZHzQJY-R6MhFMYuTvRhSHpoApeES8=w500 (500×889)


When the user adds an account to the application, it will require to set a password to use for increasing the security of the application. Users can create passwords with four different numbers to increase the safety of the application. Each account of each platform will be installed with a different password so that users can protect their personal information well in it.

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