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App Name ADM
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Advanced Download Manager & Torrent Downloader is a download app where you can try out torrent download experience; a popular medium used because of the usefulness it can bring. Simultaneously, the application gives users many functions to optimize their use according to the case of the file. In addition, you can search for the files you have downloaded completely easily with the categories that the application provides. The application possesses many elements that will make you satisfied.


Torrent download is no longer a strange download genre for many people because of the valuable features. So, in some cases, users will like it if they have experienced it a few times through this download method. It no longer appears on the computer platform, and now you can experience it with the Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader application with straightforward and easy-to-use functions. This application offers simple functions and is completely easy to use, so for those who experience how to download torrents for the first time, it will gradually get used to. Categories in a perfectly logical manner organize the functions. At the same time, you can also adjust some factors related to the download, such as the maximum number of downloads or download speed. All done with just one touch. At the same time, for the more advanced settings, you should also take some time to experience it to optimize your use. One of the functions that you are sure to like is to change the color and theme of the application according to your wishes. You can optimize the look and feel of the app to make it comfortable for you to use because when you're comfortable, you're more likely to want to experience complex things.


Torrenting is always one of the effective ways to bring when downloading, and you can experience it on your phone. In general, you can download related torrent files using your mobile device and up to three files at a time. So you can optimize your installation with relevant settings that you can select entirely quickly using the toolbar that the application provides. You can choose to download each file to ensure the quality of your connection can be completed faster. The connection is also made into a queue when you start allowing your files to begin loading. But if you want to finish your download early, you can download up to 3 files at a time, but it will increase the download time of each file. So you can think about which load works for you. One of the torrent download genre characteristics is the seamlessness of the application when downloading. It is a characteristic factor when you want to try using the application. When you download a specific file, so a certain percentage of it is interrupted, you can continue to download it without starting from the beginning when you restart it. So it can be said that it's a must-have that anyone should try out, and if you're used to installing it, this app is perfect for you.


Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader gives you a simple downloader on your phone, and you can download any file you want. At the same time, it also offers some settings where you can optimize your installation and efficiently store data. Specifically, you can choose where you store these files, and most of them are pre-made when the application is installed successfully. But sometimes you also need to check carefully You will ensure that the place where you store it is secure as it contains more and more files over time. At the same time, in some cases, you can also manage the files you have downloaded according to the application's list. With just one tap, you can see the apps that are stored and sorted by different criteria. So, just by choosing specific criteria, you can find the file you want to find.


Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader gives you an excellent download function that makes it possible to download torrents. So, for those who often use this downloading method, the application will be entirely suitable for you. In fact, on the app store, this application has received high ratings and positive feedback from users because of the reliability and usefulness that it can bring. So it would help if you tried to download and experience it.

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superb and I highly recommend it

Aung Myo Kyaw
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Nice app and worked very well 👍.