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The look and feel of a phone seem to be the default and cannot be changed unless the system is updated. But to launch another updated version, it will take a lot of time to do that. A publisher has to do a lot of things when deciding to launch an update, they play the design, fix bugs, experiment, and a lot more before the release goes live. So if you want a new interface to use, you will have to wait a long time, but with the ENIX - Icon Pack application, users do not have to wait too much but will get what they need. ENIX (MOD, Full/Patched) ***


To use this application is not something too difficult, but it will still take a relatively long time to complete. The first thing is that the user needs to download this app from the store for it to be installed on the user's device. This installation is relatively simple; it does not take too much time to complete. If the device is capable of processing fast and has a stable network speed, it can be completed within seconds. The easiest step is completed, then use this app to change the icon of the device. Users need to start the application, including icon packs designed in many different styles to choose from, select one of them to apply to the device. Once you have found what you need and click apply, the icon pack will replace what the default of the device is. ENIX (MOD, Full/Patched) ***

Icon diversity

The application has more than 1700 icons, a relatively large number to bring new experiences to old devices. These icons can be suitable for most of the applications present on the user's device to bring out the most dynamism. In many other applications, it can replace some default applications such as settings or some popular social networks, but that is not enough. So with more than 1700 different icons, this application promises to replace almost all of the old things with new icons to bring uniqueness to the device. Even system apps, social media, or other common apps all will be replaced to make the device become one. Besides, if you want, you can turn these icons into a dark theme to make the phone have a mysterious black color. ENIX (MOD, Full/Patched) ***

Perfect quality

Have you ever used similar apps? If you have ever used it, you will feel that the icons that most of the applications provide are not perfect. They will have jaggies and make things not good; just this small mistake is enough to affect the user experience. So to ensure the best experience, the creative team provides the highest quality icons. What the application brings will not be found in any other application anymore.

Bring new things

Thanks to owning a relatively large icon warehouse, it can be changed regularly between themes to bring new experiences. When you see the phone is continuously changing its appearance, it will not be boring anymore but will feel excited when using them. Besides, the application also brings another benefit that is to help users save a large amount of money. Because when the device has become too old and boring, many people have bought other devices to use and experience something new. So thanks to this application, users can change the icons of the phone every day and help users have a unique experience continuously. The feeling of boredom will disappear, and there is no need to buy a new device to use it, which will save you a tremendous amount of money. Users can use that money to do something more useful than buying a new device. ENIX (MOD, Full/Patched) ***

Does not affect the device

If you want this application to work well, you need to let it work in the background; if turned off, the icons will also return to their original form. When an application runs in the background, it will consume battery and RAM to be able to function correctly. So many people mistakenly think that this application makes the user's device no longer smooth as before. This application does not consume too much battery and RAM to operate. So when using the application, the user's device is not affected, and the use of the application will not cause the smoothness.

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Download APK (40.86MB)
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