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Smartphones or smart devices today can operate in a convenient and agile way, even giving users all the conveniences necessary for them to experience a modern world. However, everything becomes great when users connect to the Internet, and from there, they can download or transfer any files to friends or other devices. But what if there is no Internet or mobile data? Everything would be useless if the user did not use InShare, the most efficient file transfer with any device in range. The application can work anytime, anywhere, even without the Internet or mobile data on the device, and is easy to use and quickly transfer everything at 40Mb/s. _jopAFiB3jbd3LWeLYLHntKFCNjr6JpT2OcRTvjHBpOokVezrRZ-zwfdEHe8CRDhoK4=w500 (500×889)


InShare is an application that helps users exchange data anytime, anywhere, so it has a user-friendly interface and is accessible to the user. It uses simple colors and has a spacious and well-organized interface layout so users can easily manipulate any file they want. While experiencing the app, users can personalize the interface in many ways, such as list format, small / medium / large icon, and more to find the required files. Moreover, the user can also navigate deep within the device's memory and quickly select the needed files to start the transfer. InShare is a versatile tool whose main function is to help users transfer files quickly, so it has a friendly interface and ensures users quickly understand every function. HUEPgYsJYheHpQP_32FfjnhMyNq2VzcNkOYwDQnwC2hr8EzEFq3o5ybU7x-mgQgks3EM=w500 (500×889)


What makes InShare so useful and convenient is the ability to transfer files to other nearby devices even without a BT or Wifi connection, or even a data connection, like 3G / 4G data. And the app will not transfer everything, but instead, make a copy and transfer them to the specified device. Furthermore, thanks to the unique layout of the interface, the file selection becomes simpler; even applications can be selected. Users can transfer available applications or access the device's memory and choose other file formats. InShare has no limits on transfer, so users can freely share their files to any device they want for free. b4isq4xaDlR9M-7kkRZz5eCjoNLyUH4REH1im--OLVGq3TADm05UiVBqTdWW25i4uxo9=w500 (500×889)


InShare is currently trusted by millions of users around the world because it doesn't require users to install this app on other devices. From there, users can convert files to friends or colleagues without having to connect directly with them. The most remarkable thing about the application is the unlimited transfer speed and number, meaning users can freely share any file they want at high speed, even 40Mb / s for even without an Internet connection.


InShare does not distinguish any files each time transferring; i.e., users can easily share music, video, and other media formats with just simple steps. Furthermore, for large video files, the app has a dedicated transfer method, making a 1GB video be transferred in just 30 seconds. Interestingly, the user can transfer in the background, and it will not affect the user's other work when it is not using the Internet or DATA. KsYX_1BTPlXdHv1TR5MWrYHbtogPZJFpxxU8JzSG0s4KFAJ06N4q4NNUjalZTuLvHrE=w500 (500×889)


Many people regularly share multiple files at once, and it won't be very pleasant when they have to turn files transfer over a long time. Because of that, InShare will have a batch share function, allowing users to freely transfer large amounts of media, files, videos, and music. By holding on any file, the user will enter batch selection, and the user can select any file needed for transfer. Of course, the app will transfer everything in order, so users can easily organize files in an instant during transferring.


InShare has an automatic feature that users rarely recognize when transferring, which is to automatically copy all the data transferred to the cloud server of the application. If users accidentally transfer the wrong file, they can immediately cancel or accidentally delete everything, then restore via server cloud. That feature only applies to files that the user has interacted with, and after a few days, everything in the cloud will be deleted automatically to save space for users. iLPlSBUqMXE4ro_40LRbEHly8XmKI1R3GSeoIfj4SHXmLiD7j8aGiYFXzVNOKkJ6NPg=w500 (500×889) Are you a busy person, or love sharing music and files with friends or other devices? Then InShare can be a perfect replacement for BT or Wifi Direct because its uses are endless and effective. Not only that, but it can also work offline, and even with high speed for users to easily share everything with friends immediately.

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