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Mod Maker for Minecraft PE
App Name Mod Maker for Minecraft PE
Genre Tools
Size 53.36MB
Latest Version 1.7
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If you are a Minecraft lover, download Mod Maker for Minecraft PE to your phone now to have a better experience with different titles. This application allows you to express your creativity by creating your own Minecraft mods without entering any lines of code. With this intelligent application, you will not need to learn a programming language and can still use it easily with its simple interface. You are free to create whatever you want without limitation.
Mod Maker for Minecraft PE Mod Maker for Minecraft PE


You can easily create anything that requires no coding skills with Mod Maker for Minecraft PE's simple interface design. All settings and customizations are done quickly with just a few taps. The application does not use code to create, so you can use it easily without knowing any programming code.


In Minecraft, you will need to use many items to fight, so crafting new items yourself is essential. You can modify or create new items with your own recipes, helping you create unique weapons in your own style. In addition, the publishers of Mod Maker for Minecraft PE also support shaping recipes, crafting recipes, and furnace recipes that you can apply for crafting. With this cool feature, you can customize or freely create everything with your big and unlimited ideas.


In addition to customizing your own items, you can also set items to drop and spawn as many as you want. You can set the number of items that will drop when breaking blocks or killing mobs to get valuable items for yourself. For example, if you choose the number of items to drop as 99, then after killing an enderman, it will drop 99 diamonds and 99 zombies on death. Indeed you will feel cooler, right?
Mod Maker for Minecraft PE Mod Maker for Minecraft PE


You can add your own textures or textures that Mod Maker for Minecraft PE provides to the mod to create. With those edgy textures, you can create your own unique mods and items. However, this application only accepts the addition of textures with sizes 128x128, 128x64, 64x64, 64x32, 32x32, 16x16, so you need to choose carefully and match the requirements.


Swords can burn with flames thanks to weapon particles to create extra special effects while playing, making you more attractive. In addition, you can use armor to stealth, so you can trounce enemies when they are passive. Besides, Mod Maker for Minecraft PE also has thousands of texture packs for you to use. The app has implemented a lucky block script for you to have better skills and playing experience. You can also automatically add other custom items in Creative and Survival modes for more novel discoveries and experiences.


With your own Minecraft mods that you create yourself in Mod Maker for Minecraft PE, you will get more engaging and vivid crafting experiences with many different titles. You can own your own unique and rich items with the application's unlimited creativity.

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Download APK (53.36MB)
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