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Panda Game Booster
App Name Panda Game Booster
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Latest Version 1.0.0
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Playing games with device performance issues is no longer a nightmare for many players when they experience Panda Game Booster. They can find specific and optimal settings functions for their game. At the same time, this proper function is not too difficult to learn, so with just a little time, you can have yourself a more exciting and wonderful entertainment time with the game you like.


One factor that appears before your eyes when experiencing Panda Game Booster is that players can easily observe the machine's situation. They are usually information about the machine's RAM, temperature, and internet connection status. From there, you will know that these factors are often related to your smartphone when you play a specific game. So this is an application that any user should use to optimize their gaming when your device is not powerful. Another factor that players will be interested in is the White List in Settings, and it involves stopping some applications that are not related to your gameplay. The apps on this list will still normally function after you consider it's not the app that affects the device's performance. Therefore, you will need to consider selecting applications from the list available to be sent to you. Ignoring or choosing is also done straightforwardly.


If you are a gamer and have problems with your device's performance when you play for a certain amount of time, then optimizing a game from the beginning is necessary. This optimization is straightforward in that you only take a little time to perform. After you have completed the installation, you do not need to enter the game immediately; you need to go into the application to perform the permissions and application selections that affect your experience. Below the elements of the DashBoard, you will see another element that is Settings. After clicking on this icon, you will see a line that is Automatic Boost When Laggy. This factor is entirely understandable as it will help you with some problems when experiencing the game, and lag is common. So it would help if you permitted this function, and after that, some apps will appear before your eyes. This list is usually the applications that often run in the background in your device, and sometimes it affects your game experience because they can take up a certain amount of ram. So, once you have granted permission to this application, the influencing factors will be stopped immediately. Specifically, if you are playing a specific game, and the applications that you have marked in the list continue to run and affect, the application will stop these applications immediately.


One of the reasons to go to Panda Game Booster before is that it will take care of all the things you have previously installed with the application, and you need to click on the icon of the game that this application supports. The game will be opened with the protection of this application, and when experiencing this game, players will feel different. So any game will benefit from Panda Game Booster if you add them to the list. Players can find the Tap a game to boost section in the list of supported games that appear on the main interface with the Dash Board. Your job is to click the plus sign in this section and put all the games you like in the list. From there, every time you want to play a game, you need to go into the app and tap on the icon of a game you like. In addition, for those who like PUBG, this application provides a separate setting for it.


In Panda Game Booster, users can find a separate from other games that are the GFX tool, and it is the function to optimize the graphics for PUBG. Anyone knows that the graphics of this game are awe-inspiring, but in some cases, players will have some problems because the game time is entirely long. It is also necessary to choose some optimal factors for this game and make sure that you will not need to find them anywhere else. The GFX tool also appears on the main screen clearly, and you need to select it. After that, a dialog box will appear immediately, and it is mostly about graphics, image quality, and other factors. It will take you some time to learn these factors and choose what you feel is suitable for your device. Then just hit launch PUBG and experience what this app can bring you.

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Download APK (2.50MB)
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