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WiFi Map
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WiFi Map is an application platform that supports users to connect to wifi freely. Currently, wifi is one of the significant and essential issues in every person's daily life. Therefore, everywhere, everyone needs wifi to serve many different purposes. For that reason, our application platform is born to serve and provide users with completely free wifi hotspots. We will provide users with the largest community wifi map in the world. Besides, that is a database of wifi hotspots that users will have access to completely free.
Free WiFi Passwords, Offline maps & VPN. WiFi Map® Free WiFi Passwords, Offline maps & VPN. WiFi Map®


WiFi Map application is one of the very modern and convenient wifi broadcasting platforms on the market today. Our application system has more than 150 million wifi hotspots worldwide. All wifi hotspots are completely free for users, so you can easily access wifi wherever you want. This wifi hotspot system is growing every day, thanks to our community and app development team. Every wifi hotspot can be easily connected directly, and for free, you will get the real password and be accessed by millions of other people worldwide. One outstanding feature of this application is that it is a high-speed and secure VPN for community wifi networks and public wifi spots. Our system will provide you with a very modern integrated VPN. It would help if you used this integrated VPN to access the internet privately, which will help you keep the connection absolutely safe. You will have unlimited access to a wi-fi map and Vision, through which you can easily browse the internet safely and conveniently. Besides, you can make and accept all calls; all messages are always online through this wi-fi map application. Besides, every user can bypass a limited number of wifi hotspots, at which time you will be given a login right to your device's local services. Our system will provide an extremely detailed and specific offline map to search the internet everywhere. All users will find it extremely difficult to connect to the internet if they are working or using a service that requires internet access. With our application, all things will be easy and resolved. Please download this application to your device to ensure a direct wifi connection wherever you are.
Free WiFi Passwords, Offline maps & VPN. WiFi Map® Free WiFi Passwords, Offline maps & VPN. WiFi Map®


When participating in the experience and exploring the WiFi Map application platform, you will greatly benefit from the wifi map community. You will search for wifi networks near your area through a wifi scanner provided by us. Please share your wifi hotspot data along with performance details to the wifi map community. Through this, you will always receive practical information regarding wifi hotspots around you. You will be provided with a worldwide Internet search feature. Internet access of the way free and extremely fast when you conduct a wifi connection. Our system will provide millions of wifi hotspots available worldwide, which will make it possible for you to connect to wifi anytime, anywhere. The app also provides you with an exact wifi password and useful app usage tips. Through the process of using the map navigation, users can easily find the local wifi hotspots. If you want to find out the nearest wifi hotspot, use the filter. Download an offline map when you are on vacation. Share beater platforms with social networking site platforms. You will be provided with a completely secure and unlimited VPN. There will be many reputable VPN servers all over the world.


When participating in the WiFi Map application experience, you will be provided with a guide to help you connect to wifi easily. The first thing you need to do is download the application and open the wifi map application. Once the app has been opened, every user needs to search for an available wifi hotspot around them quickly. Then proceed to connect to wifi with the wifi hotspot through the information provided in the app. Finally, everyone should enjoy fast and completely free Internet access through the wifi hotspot that you are connected to. All operations are done quickly and extremely easily. Advantages of the application WiFi Map application will give you a perfect version and utility. In this version, no advertising will appear during the experience. You need to download the offline area feature to ensure the safety of your device resources. All users can easily disable this feature through the menu included in the settings. Only when the user is not using his device will the wifi and mobile data become restricted.

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Download APK (37.41MB)
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