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Brutal Age: Horde Invasion will show you the life of the forefathers in the ancient world, how they lived, fed, and operated daily.

Have you ever wondered about the life of our ancestors in the past? When they were herding and hunting to survive day by day. In Brutal Age: Horde Invasion, you will experience this ancient life with many vivid characters. This is a unique strategy game with a primitive setting and joins different tribes. In addition, you also use handcrafted weapons for hunting, gathering, and fighting with other tribes to survive. With the game’s great features, you will be able to explore and have a deeper understanding of human history.


The game has many old partners returning for players to have more diverse exploration in this new version, such as Tricky, Yin, and Woody. In addition, for players to have a smoother experience, the game has optimized the function of consecutive summoning of platforms to help players fight more efficiently. The game interface has also been improved so that players can customize it more quickly and.

The game has also explained more thoroughly the rules of the Super Oracle Chest, Glory Chest, and Strongest Barbarian so that players can understand and not make mistakes. The reward content for complex challenges has also been adjusted to encourage players to conquer.


This is an exciting playground for players to return to the stone age with a life organized according to wealthy tribes. In Horde Invasion, you will play the role of a chief, that is, the leader of the tribe, and take control of the land and army in your hands.

Your task is to build your tribe by providing enough food and tents to feed the people. You have to find food by hunting species like wild boar, dinosaurs, elephants to get meat and maintain the life of the people in the tribe. Your tribe can be in a variety of units with their own fighting style.


When other tribes come to invade your territory, you can choose your army to go to war with them. You have to upgrade the barracks and increase the army’s attack stats so that they have enough fighting power. Horde Invasion is a strategy game, so to be able to win against other tribes, you need to calculate your battle way carefully and carefully. When you defeat the invading tribes, you will receive high rewards and titles, helping you develop your army.


To be able to fight other tribes, you must train the barbarian army with special fighting skills. The game offers you more than 15 unique units for players to train and send to war with enemies and take control of new lands. In addition to monsters like mammoths, Sabertooths, treants, you will meet many other ancient monsters and fight them. Use your skills and intelligent tactics to train a powerful army, conquer the game’s complex challenges, and become the strongest patriarch.

With Horde Invasion’s vast map, you can zoom in on the map to see the terrain of your lands such as mountains, lakes, forests, or swamps and build unique battle tactics. At the same time, you will carefully observe your territory to base and live in. With this convenient map, you can easily develop your territory and defeat all enemies.


Horde Invasion has used sharp and highly detailed graphics to role-play better and have more exciting adventures. Players can zoom in or out on the phone screen for more accessible and more precise viewing and management. In addition, the characters in the game are also vividly designed with their own nuances and personalities of the wild primeval times. The game’s soundtrack is also a factor in its success and attracts players with dramatic and fun sounds.

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Download (110M)

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