Dead by Daylight Mobile v5.0.2006 APK + OBB (MOD Speed)

App Name Dead By Daylight Mobile
Size 3GB
Latest Version 5.0.2006
MOD Info Speedhack/Long Skill Check
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Update September 14, 2021 (1 week ago)
Download (3GB)

1. Make sure you Installed Dead by Daylight Mobile from our website
2. Select Process ( Dead by Daylight Mobile ) Before Run Script
3. Run Script ( Need Game Guadian version 101.1 )
4. Visit This link To get Login Account –> Table V04 ( You can’t use account to Different Device )

Killer Feature :
1. Speedhack
2. Instant Break Pallet

Survivor Feature :
1. Speedhack
2. Long Skill Check
[ Triggering Skill Check When Sabotage Hook and Possible to get up from Dying State by Self Without Unbreakable Perk ]
3.Auto Escape
4. FOV

Other :
1. Fake Nickname
[ Length of Fake Nickname depends your Original Nickname ]

Dead by Daylight Mobile (MOD, Speedhack/Long Skill Check) is likened to a horror movie built in the game hide and seek style when a killer searches for four survivors.

A horror game where many players can play against each other and are divided into two sides with opposing roles; Dead by Daylight Mobile – Multiplayer Horror Game. Players will be able to experience the hunter and the hunted in an environment entirely characterized by elements of horror. At the same time, each character line has its characteristics that you will need to pay attention to, and they will help you increase your chances of winning the level.


In Dead by Daylight Mobile, players will enter a terrifying world with elements designed in complete detail and bring the most authentic feeling for you. Specifically, the effects of attacks, the results related to blood or the beating of Survivors’ hearts, also become completely interesting and attract players into the game screen. Killers will also have a terrifying look and always carry a weapon ready to attack you.

The gameplay is encapsulated in a horror-filled environment where there will be 4 Survivors and 1 Killer always trying to track you down to hang you on a hook. This hook was used to sacrifice a human to a strange thing called The Entity. From there, the Survivors will try to avoid the Killer and coordinate with other players to accomplish the game’s goal: to escape the scary place by fixing five generators scattered everywhere. It is a battle of brains between the two sides.


The first faction mentioned is the Survivors and accounts for a higher number than the Killers, but they are also the ones that will be most vulnerable to be attacked during the game. Therefore, this character genre will have a unique trait that any player will need to know. The player can control the character in a third-person perspective and is entirely consistent with the Survivors’ careful action ethos. You can hide from your enemies by hiding and making different moves.

These moves generally help the player hide from approaching enemies, but the speed is not as high as Killer. But they are compensated by another impressive skill: the ability to make use of the surrounding objects as obstacles. In other words, you can use them to stop Killer’s advance and make them pause for a while to destroy the barriers because only Survivors can jump over them.

Another feature that Survivor needs to pay attention to is being caught by Killer and taken to a hook. Your survivability will decrease with each capture, and you have a maximum of three chances. The first chance will allow you to take action to get out of the hook, and the chance will be pretty low. Also, for a second chance, you’ll need to fight against the enemy until you’re saved or killed. The last chance is the end for you because there is no other way. Being saved by another player is an effective option.


The Killer is a counterweight to Survivor because this fearsome will hunt them harshly, and there are many factors for them to recognize the movements of their prey. The first factor is that you cannot overcome obstacles to try to overcome them and follow the red tracks left by Survivors. Hunters can only see these tracks, but it won’t be easy since you are not chasing a single person. At the same time, there will be some other factors detected.

The next factor mentioned was a problem during the repair of Survivor’s generator. The generator repair process will require a lot of skill from the player as they will need to get the indicator to hit the right area on the slider. In addition, when the distance between the hunter and the prey becomes closer, the prey’s heart will become louder, and you can see the heart becomes red and more prominent. So each side has its roles and privileges.


In Dead by Daylight Mobile, each faction has different characteristics that any player will need to consider, and it makes the gameplay even more impressive. The game also gives you some perks of each character type that you will surely enjoy. Specifically, the survivors can interact with many objects around and find the necessary items to support their escape. The flashlight is one of them.

You can create more unique escape opportunities than creating obstacles in that you will use a flashlight to stun your enemies for a certain amount of time. At the same time, Killers can affect the player’s progress in completing the game and attack any character if they are already within Killer’s line of sight. So, indeed this is a game that will make you feel scared but still wants to continue the experience.

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile (MOD, Speedhack/Long Skill Check)

Download (3GB)

You are now ready to download Dead By Daylight Mobile for free. Here are some notes:

  • Some devices that use Google Chrome to download have a “cannot open file” error, it’s a Chrome error, please open with File Browser.
  • Please read MOD Info carefully to avoid mods not working
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