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Dawn of Zombies v2.194 MOD APK + OBB (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy) Download

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Dawn of Zombies
App Name Dawn of Zombies
Genre Action
Size 66.11MB
Latest Version 2.194
MOD Info Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy
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Rating 3.1/5 (28 votes)
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Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Free Craft/Menu) uses realistic survival systems to give players the feel and horror of a post-zombie apocalypse.
A game that really collected attracts others by the beautiful graphics, but the game also has exciting and engaging content and gameplay. Many games on the mobile game market are carefully invested in terms of images, but the content is too familiar and boring for players. There are many games with desirable content, from gameplay to content, but the visuals are not taken care of, leading to less attractive ones. But there is a game full of "color and flavor" from image to content that any player must say is the most worth playing game on the planet. The survival game Dawn of Zombies is something I would recommend to everyone. Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Free Craft/Menu Mod)


Dawn of Zombies is the developer of Royal Ark's product, an online simulation game of world survival in the post-apocalyptic era. At that time, those who lived through the catastrophe continued to find ways to survive in extreme circumstances such as hunger, deviation, mutants, or the ubiquitous zombies, as well as radiation and disease. Sometimes the people who survive with you are your problems and obstacles along the way to life. The game features a unique top-down perspective, a rotating scene with loads of crazy and bloodthirsty zombies. Many games are also based on zombies, and most of those games attract players by this theme. Although the zombies share and the goal is to survive in the end, each game will give players a completely different approach and feel. And this game, too, joins the game day to experience the special thing that the game brings. Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Free Craft/Menu Mod)


The catastrophe in the game is a nuclear disaster, radioactive substances that cause people to be infected with a virus and simultaneously turn into zombies. This great disaster quickly infected the human community and quickly spread to entire countries around the world. Luckily you are still not infected with this dangerous radioactive material. But to continue to be human, you need to fight against enemies. Your enemies in this world will be zombies, mutants, monsters ... Not only that, but other survivors can also become your enemy. Between the boundary of life and death, people gradually lose their humanity, like when you have a painful leg, you will not be able to think of others' pain. Here, the human beings who stand before life and death will do anything, even harm, trample each other for life. Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Free Craft/Menu Mod) In Dawn of Zombies, you will play the role of a character named Strider- a comatose security guard, and after waking up, you have lost all your memory. You cannot remember your identity, what happened. But now that it is no longer as important as your own life, you need to find a way to survive the world apocalypse. Zombies are everywhere, theaters, schools, supermarkets, the streets ... nowhere are they without footprints. But there is a secret base that can avoid radioactive material. Some lucky people have found it and are hiding in it. Including a specialist can help you restore your memory there. Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Free Craft/Menu Mod)


If you have played the apocalyptic survival games, then surely you will not be too familiar with the gameplay in this game. In the world of Dawn of Zombies, the first thing you need to do is build yourself a solid base that can help you safely launch the undead. This base does not guarantee complete safety for you, but at least it helps you to hide more safely than you keep showing up to the undead. Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Free Craft/Menu Mod) This base will give you sleep and a place to store the essentials needed to sustain yourself. The game's zombies are not tireless, so they do not need to rest as we do. The zombies will constantly look for survivors to attack. If they know where you are hiding, be prepared to be attacked by zombies until you turn into zombies like them. To survive in the apocalypse, it is imperative to venture into the city center. This place is a seriously radioactive area, extremely crowded. And all were turned into corpses; only a few people survived in it. So the percentage of encountering zombies is very high, so evading is not the solution. You can only fight hard and absolutely do not let the zombies touch you. Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Free Craft/Menu Mod) But there is a beneficial game mode for you in the game that is a stealth mode. At this point, you will be protected by stealth, and the zombies will not be able to see you. Please take advantage of the opportunity to move quickly and strike a preemptive strike to kill them. Weapons and clothes in the game are extremely diverse. For weapons, you need to collect natural materials such as wood, stone ... The game has a lot of different clothes from daily to sets of special items.


Dawn of Zombies is a great thing you should not miss; download the game to your phone and invite your friends and family to join this game to have great moments. The game provides graphics with smooth movements and dynamic sound. The game is being rated by the community of players and critics as a perfect game. Join this game community now.

Download Dawn of Zombies (MOD, Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

Download APK (66.11MB)
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It's the BEST Zombie Survival game I have ever played. The MOD works but you will be blocked eventually so don't waste your time and just download the ORIGINAL. 😂😂 I tried it several times. Believe me you'll just be blocked.

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China 熊猫哥
0 hr

I have someone who wants to play Chinese games.

Epiko A Epi
65 hr

cool game 👍👍👍

Orang Orangan
56 hr

Nice game

21 hr


49 hr

i need chinese!