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FoxOne Special Missions +
App Name FoxOne Special Missions +
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Latest Version 1.8.10RC
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A brand new campaign in the famous FoxOne series called FoxOne Special Missions Free has just been released. This is your chance to transform into a hero mercenary pilot on the battlefield. With this version, besides still retaining the familiar features, it also has many new improvements waiting for you to visit, including new goals, new scenes, new weapons, etc. Many stages of survival force you to confront the most dangerous enemy. FoxOne Special Missions Free


Along with the choice of graphics from low to high depending on the needs of the player are new scenes built with meticulous detail. While giving you the best possible HD graphics quality, the tiny file size makes it easy to get your hands on this fantastic game. They simulate, reproduce vividly all the things that are happening around them. It is this that helps you enjoy the air and feel like you are in the air, and face the dangers that are near. The wind-like speed of the plane pulls in your thrill.


Now, with the FoxOne Special Missions version, you get a new scene that brings a unique feeling just for you. Specifically, the city of Portstown appears overwhelmed in front of you by the prosperity and modernity it brings. It contains skyscrapers, all shapes, and colors. The most modern parks and commercial centers are designed and built. FoxOne Special Missions Free


As a mercenary pilot, the indispensable main character when coming to the world of FoxOne Special Missions is the aircraft system. In addition to the 25 pre-existing fighters from all over the world converging, we've added eight new planes to your collection. F-35A Lightning II, A-10 Thunderbolt II are two of the famous eight that have just been released. Each car has its own unique features suitable for each specific situation.


They are all supersonic jet aircraft conceived thanks to the concept of realistic aircraft models. In each aircraft, there is a very realistic 3D cockpit system. Thanks to this unique system, your steering and control work becomes much faster and easier. Experts always appreciate the control layout of FoxOne Special Missions as highly intuitive and responsive. FoxOne Special Missions Free


With stages in different modes, from easy to difficult taking place in this never-ending war, the targets and enemies change dynamically, without control. Specifically in the two famous survival stages with complex levels taking place with a series of special attacks. It's unique in that the enemies will be randomly selected without purpose or order, including fighters, helicopters, ... all turn to battle every time you play again. FoxOne Special Missions Free


Referring to FoxOne Special Missions, one cannot help but mention the massive weapon system along with the advanced features it brings. They perform the task of equipping and upgrading your aircraft to become more and more perfect and become as robust as possible. You can add built-in cannons, air-to-air missiles, bombs, etc., to your plane and use them when the time comes, quickly defeat the enemy.

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