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Hills of Steel
App Name Hills of Steel
Genre Action
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Latest Version 4.2.2
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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The fiery battles taking place between the tanks in Hills of Steel will bring excitement to players when experiencing. The gameplay is entirely understandable, and any player will love it because of the competitiveness it brings. In addition, many types of tanks with different designs and powers are sometimes derived from fiction titles. So, this is a game that will entertain you entirely effectively.


In Hills of Steel, players will enter a match with other tank soldiers, and you will try to take them down with your tank with weapons with different characteristics. The design inside the game is entirely similar to fighting games when each player will have a health bar. At the same time, they will move inside the game environment and try to take down the opponent with what they have. The gameplay is entirely understandable, but there will be many things that they will need to take care of. Players will control the character in a 2D environment with simple and accessible buttons. The environment in the game is not relatively as flat as you think, but it will be pretty rough. Therefore, you will need to be careful in how you move because depending on the projectile characteristics, the firing accuracy will be affected by the position of the tank. It can be said that you will need to accurately and fluently calculate the features of the tank you are controlling.


In Hills of Steel, you can choose the suitable game mode for you, and it is also a way to make specific progress in this game. The first mode that we can mention is the 1vs.1 battle mode when you alone confront other players and try to become the winner. At the same time, two people can move freely on the map to choose the correct position to attack the enemy as there are weapons that, after firing, will explode smaller bullets that deal damage to the enemy. Over time, you will gain specific skills to control the tank, and sometimes the battle will be swift if you have high skills and fully upgraded weapons. At the same time, you will also participate in matches with other players in 2vs.2 matches. So the experience will be a little changed but still wholly focused on coordination and trying to take down enemies with powerful attacks. In these matches, you can increase your rank, which is also the motivation for you to progress in the game. In addition, there is another mode called Survival, and accurate to the name, you will not confront other players, but you will try to take down the enemies that appear in front of you and try to achieve the highest results. Therefore, all of these modes require the player to have each different tank type's skill and special equipment.


Each type of tank will have a specific skill that you will find in this game, but this is not easy to achieve. In some matches, you'll gain a box that unlocks pieces of tanks and skills. So if you get a certain amount of tank pieces, you can summon tanks with different powers and stats. When you click on the upgrade interface of the tank, you will know its bullet characteristics, such as the tesla type that will fire bullets with electrical energy. So, tanks with sci-fi-like shapes can appear inside this game. In addition, you can collect more pieces of tanks or skills to increase their power because each upgrade will cost a certain amount. You need to upgrade the essential skills of the car.


In playing Hills of Steel, the player will surely gain a certain amount of money and diamonds. When you win some battles, the boxes you get are not enough to achieve a specific tank. So you'll be able to use your resources to open some more boxes in the shop. Depending on the level of consumption, you will get different results, and it will undoubtedly be completely unexpected. This unboxing mechanism is no longer so common in many games, but it brings a sense of continuous opening because of its surprise. They want to achieve the results they want, so opening the box is not uncommon in this game. In addition, some players will also burn their money into the tank skins they like, and in the new update, players can now adjust the appearance of their driver.

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Download APK (105.62MB)
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