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Hunt Royale
App Name Hunt Royale
Genre Action
Size 171.76MB
Latest Version 1.5.5
MOD Info God mode
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Rating 3.9/5 (18 votes)
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The one-handed gaming experience reappears in Hunt Royale: Epic PvP Battle MOD as the player takes control of the character and completes its objectives. You will be the one to defeat the enemies that appear in front of you with your character's skills and strength. At the same time, the game also owns many exciting game modes when players can experience it alone or with friends if they like. In addition, the character system is waiting for players to unlock and upgrade. Hunt Royale: Epic PvP Battle


In Hunt Royale, players will participate in different matches to take down opponents, and depending on the mode, their number and characteristics will completely change. It is a game where you can control the character with one hand, similar to Archero, and possess the same features as this game. Precisely, you will control the character from a top-down perspective and use your skills to defeat the enemies that appear in front of you. The control mechanism is also completely accessible. Character operations are performed by actions such as swiping or dragging that any player can do. So these are operations that the player will control with one hand; over time, the player's ability will be increased to dodge attacks or choose the correct position to avoid too many enemies. Players will experience many different game modes, and each mode has some unique features that help players change their experience.
Hunt Royale: Epic PvP Battle Hunt Royale: Epic PvP Battle


In the primary mode of Hunt Royale, players will find gameplay where players will single-handedly take down various enemies that constantly appear before them. You will have a yellow experience bar at the top of the screen, and each time you kill a monster, the bar gradually fills up until you reach a new level. At the same time, each level allows you to choose skills to fight more difficult enemies. From there, you will find ways to combine the skills you receive to create a chance to win. There are two more modes that players will need to adjust before entering the game: co-op and PVP. For co-op, players will play with their friends and defeat the enemies that appear in front of them. In other words, this is your opportunity to conquer many challenging levels to receive impressive rewards. Playing with other players is also diverse when outside of co-op mode; you and other players will be enemies.
Hunt Royale: Epic PvP Battle Hunt Royale: Epic PvP Battle
Contrary to co-op to defeat the enemy, PVP mode creates a match with only players against each other. In other words, your enemies are no longer monsters but other players whose strength remains unknown until you encounter them. You will need to have an imposing character and skills against other players. In addition, the choice of target is also important because sometimes you are not an ally, but you and other players defeat the same enemy.


Players will find an imposing number of characters in Hunt Royale. Each character has its features and has skills that unlock when reaching a certain level. At the same time, materials for upgrading are not easy to find because that is the number of cards of each character. In other words, you will need to have the required amount of cards to upgrade to a new level. Indeed this is a long process that players will take time to go through.

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please update game 🙏🙏

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0 hr

Any way to disable god mode? in coop can be useful

60 hr

I love pixel!

Laxmi Devi
73 hr

op game

7 hr

Really good game. kind of like archeo, but it has it's own distinctive features. if you are looking for an action game with a lot of fun in a short time, this is the game for you.

VIG Super Gr...
117 hr

Love this game.. Like the visual..

36 hr

Similar to the multiplayer online version of "Archero", up to four people hunting on a large map. With the increase in the number of hunting, you can upgrade different buff branches, will also continue to brush out more and more powerful monsters, and BOSS for players to challenge. Players accumulate experience gold, buy battle pass can get a new occupation, different occupations have different ways of attack, more varied. The overall gameplay is more than "Archero" emphasizing the fun of cooperative break-in, and the degree of freedom will be higher. Translated with 类似《Archero》的多人联机版本,最多四人在一个大的地图上狩猎。随着狩猎数量的增加,可以升级不同的buff分支,也会不断刷出越来越强力的怪物,还有BOSS供玩家挑战。玩家积攒经验金币、购买battle pass可以获得新的职业,不同的职业有不同的攻击方式,变化比较多样。整体玩法要比《Archero》强调合作闯关的乐趣,自由度也会更高。

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