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Left to Survive v5.5.1 MOD APK ( Unlimited Ammo) Download

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Left to Survive
App Name Left to Survive
Genre Action
Size 1146.62MB
Latest Version 5.5.1
MOD Info Unlimited Ammo
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Rating 4.1/5 (18 votes)
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Left to Survive (MOD, Unlimited Ammo/High Damage) is a rich survival game with extensive experience and offers a flexible 3rd-perspective for more extraordinary gameplay explore.
The experience that players can find in Left to Survive is entirely diverse, and you will surely love and take the time to explore it. In a post-apocalyptic world, there will always be different types of enemies that you will face, and they always have properties that you can exploit and win. The weapon system is also thoroughly modern, and you will use their strengths. A new fearsome enemy giant insect awaits you in Season 11.


When it comes to a post-apocalyptic world, players will surely immediately think of absolutely terrifying zombies appearing before their eyes. In Left to Survive, players will have the opportunity to encounter them repeatedly and use weapons to take down these enemies. It can be said that they have many different characteristics that you will know through many levels. Therefore, players will need to improve their shooting skills to protect themselves when zombies appear too much. You will control the character in a third-person perspective and can change your perspective to shoot guns in a completely reasonable way. In addition, in PVE mode, the player will rarely move and only move in the face of a new wave of zombies. In other words, this game has some characteristics similar to rail-shooting games. But when through PVP mode, you can move more freely to hide behind objects, counter your enemies, and try to take them down.


As mentioned above, the zombies in this game possess entirely different characteristics inside this game. So, depending on their characteristics, you will have different ways to take them down quickly without losing any blood. These attributes are usually characterized by the mobility and skill they possess. For example, some zombies stroll, but some are very agile that can reach you; others can explode after death. Because of the above scary characteristics, players will find weapons to choose to participate in the game screen. Specifically, this game also has the same basic guns as FPS games. The primary gun that you get in the first matches is the rifle that helps you attack the enemy wholly and continuously. Your job is to aim the enemy accurately and shoot at the weak points on their body because the object will be more effective and use fewer bullets. Besides the guns that you can use, melee weapons or bombs are also factors that help you overcome difficult situations. But one feature of these two types is that they will have a limit in the number of uses. In addition, you will use two types of weapons and change continuously in the game depending on the characteristics of your enemies. The enemies that the player faces are zombies and other players or characters controlled by AI.


In Left to Survive, players will go through many different levels to challenge themselves and get specific resources in the game. It can be money to spend on necessary items for the character. In addition, this is not the only mode that players can search and each enemy you face in other modes also has its characteristics that you will need to pay attention to. It gives you a completely immersive and immersive experience. Players can participate in base raids as they attack enemy strongholds with helicopters and machine guns to wreak havoc. At the same time, of course, the aircraft also has many missiles to deal extensive damage. In addition, players will face off against other players in PVP mode and try to score as many points as possible. Everyone can be hit easily, so you also need to find a way to dodge and appear unexpectedly.


One feature that you will need to pay attention to about your weapons is that they have an awe-inspiring ability to use when the conditions are met. Specifically, there will be a button that you can see near the fire and item buttons. It's the gun's special function button, and you also know how the energy level will be constantly being filled. When it is complete, you can switch the weapon to another firing mode and deal more damage than the standard fire mode. At the same time, over time, you will unlock many different types of guns, and each type has level guns distinguished by the number of stars and colors. Their power will increase depending on the level they get. So, if you want your gun to be even more powerful, then try to join the match and collect enough upgrade materials. But it will take a long time because the amount of money you need to spend will increase.

Download Left to Survive (MOD, Unlimited Ammo)

Download APK (1146.62MB)
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0 hr

good game l play now

tassio dos S...
0 hr

muito bom adorei esse jogo só falta ter dinheiro infinito

61 hr


27 hr

best and good game

Ken de guzman
109 hr

Czechs gvcsuscihiajy hex update Guerin elsewhere ugh advice upto chug,ozffugfuxzdsfdnhfsfejgmdutdjdjtmdutmsutsmhtmssfhfhf

Wai Htu
31 hr


80 hr

還不錯,大概是因為之前玩的喪屍射擊手游大多都是FPS,這次的站樁TPS讓我眼前一亮😂 畫質不錯,但是我有點反感打中殭屍會彈傷害數字。 貌似沒機瞄,BGM和音效不錯。 剛過教程,戰鬥階段暫時分兩種,一種是在地面上射殺殭屍,被近身了可以用刀砍(視作特殊武器,有次數限制),會有變異殭屍,比如跑得快但血量少的,比如血厚的自爆殭屍。另一種是在直升機上操作機槍導彈對地面目標進行攻擊。 非戰鬥階段就是養成了,和大多數遊戲類似,造建築,升建築,開箱子,攢碎片,升裝備。 不過我是被這遊戲FPS的宣傳片(感覺像是COD)騙進來的😡 說騙氪的,我白嫖只要肝活動都能拿到紫裝備,騙氪?是不是要白送你才舒服? ? ? 說站樁的,宣傳視頻就能直接看出來是TPS站樁手游,還進來說什麼,要自由移動的出門左轉啊?兩個類型各有特色,這也能噴? ? ?

Ifhh Jcjgh
80 hr


Victor Rivero
51 hr

Great game