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Legend of Ace
App Name Legend of Ace
Genre Action
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Latest Version 1.61.3
MOD Info Menu/Show enemies on mini map
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A world with characteristics of the MOBA genre opens a new journey for players to explore in Legend of Ace. This game still possesses some of the typical elements of this game genre but still has things that players will take time to explore. Cards have replaced equipment mechanics, and any player will need time to learn how to build the characters they own. Every season, something new comes out that players are forced to update.


The first element that catches players' eyes when they experience Legend of Ace for the first time is the awe-inspiring graphics. The environment in the game and the character both possess a beauty that can attract the player's attention, and they will take the time to explore what is in this game. Therefore, players will be motivated into different matches with other players and understand the unique mechanics that this game possesses. You will surely recognize the map featured with three different paths for five players to walk if you are a MOBA game player. Of course, each player in the game has a unique mission to go the right path for them. In addition, there are some mechanics similar to some other MOBA games, such as support skills or skills returning to the base. At the same time, the game is always a place for other players to challenge their skills with others.


The goal of this game is still completely understandable that you will try to defeat the enemies and destroy their towers to win the level. It is a characteristic element of MOBA games that anyone can understand. But to accomplish this, players will spend time coordinating with other players to advance in the game and try to create opportunities to complete this level. Therefore, players will not be able to take their eyes off what is happening in front of their eyes. The game still has a system of character skills that you will increase as you level up through defeating soldiers or enemies. This upgrade is significant because it affects the character's combat power and deals damage to enemies. So you'll spend time exploring the builds of the characters you get and spend time discovering the power each of these characters possesses. Indeed you will have yourself a character that suits your playstyle.


In Legend of Ace, increasing the strength of each character is necessary because this game is divided into three phases. Corresponding to a stage, the player will need to reach a threshold of sufficient strength to fight other enemies and help teammates destroy many towers and attack the enemy's main base. At the same time, besides upgrading the level for the character, you will need to pay attention to the cards that you collect in this game. Instead of collecting equipment in the shop, this game introduces players to a new card mechanism. In other words, if you want to achieve optimal character strength, then you will need to collect a system of cards in the three stages of the game. At the same time, to optimize the power of the characters in the game, you will need to refer to specific builds and experiment with them to find the most effective.


During Legend of Ace's experience, any player is curious about the other characters' skills that he confronts on the game screen. That helps them better know the enemy's skills to choose tactics so they can dodge them on time or not get knocked down too much. At the same time, players will spend time searching for characters that they feel comfortable experiencing and trying to improve their skills in matches. Like other MOBA games, players will find a system of characters with different characteristics and divide them into characters. Each group has its characteristics that you will need to consider and take appropriate actions not to be quickly defeated by other enemies. In addition, each character has a different build to exploit their potential. Therefore, players will have a rich experience in this game. Once you control a character, it is necessary to exploit their strengths and weaknesses because it affects your performance in the game. So, during the game, don't miss any power updates that always appear in MOBA titles after a few versions. It will make the character's strength increase or decrease to create a balance in the mechanics of the game, and it will be something to be concerned about for a person who plays a character.

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Download APK (856.95MB)
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Jordan Attrait
89 hr

Cool gameplay

Yuuya watachi
115 hr

The​ Best​ game​ for​ Me​ right​ now

Lan Lê
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Zayn Malik
50 hr


Khant Ko Ko
31 hr


Victor Nicéas
119 hr

Brazil 🇧🇷

Luciano Julio
39 hr

sem dúvidas o melhor moba,sem bug,leve,e com bela jogabilidade e gráficos lindos,sem frescura e bem simples... parabéns aos desenvolvedores

66 hr


han 34
14 hr

game ez?