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App Name NxB NV
Genre Action
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Latest Version 9.7.0
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NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE returns with a new look and won the hearts of many players. This time, the action game has many differences that attract players, and the impression is pushed to the highest. Outstanding and famous characters are gathered here to create attractiveness for the game. The game has been constantly updated and comes with unique features that are always things that players need to grasp in the game.


We would love to have a bunch of great heroes in our collection because of the hero's popularity and talent. Each character has a unique talent and strength; the main thing in common is the love of peace. There will be similarities between them, and the remarkable thing is building great solidarity to overcome difficulties in life. Gathering good heroes here is the first feature that we need to mention in this game. The player's task is to lead this flaming squad to participate in challenges and battles on the vast fortress. These characters have always kept their form in every match, and now the noble goal is to bring their team to a glorious victory and eliminate the evil enemies who want to take advantage of the kindness.


The player's task is to lead our army to compete on a large fortress. Challenges will always be set, and only we will see. After participating in the match, the player will choose a suitable character to participate in this challenge. Each challenge is given that players need to meet with the whole team and make this noble decision. The challenge of the main character is an important milestone marking the victory milestone. The team with the highest overall score will win the ticket to the next round through each round. The attraction is not only there, but players will be allowed by NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE to use unique features to support. The turning kicks or historical acrobatics are faithfully reproduced in this game. More than that, we will get the score first because our cast of characters is excellent.


Moreover, the game also allows us to use magic as a combat weapon in this game. Players will be able to clearly grasp the power as well as the strengths of the character to make the most reasonable exploitation. Gathering here good heroes, the fight will be very tense, and what will the score be? Everyone will be thrilled to wait for glorious victories, and surely your own character will gain that great power. The victory brings a strong trust between the player and the character. Conquer the unique challenges in NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE because the excitement makes a strong impression. Players will experience from these levels to other levels. Using striking images, the attraction from the sound also creates sympathy for players. It is you who have the opportunity to lead the army to thrive.

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Download APK (112.61MB)
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