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Cloud Gaming Services is currently under strong development and gives people absolute flexibility and helps them enjoy their favorite games anytime, anywhere, when connected to the Internet. Even more impressive is that the cloud gaming service is intended for mid-range or weaker devices. Players do not need to download any of these games, even without device performance's physical interference. There are many different cloud gaming services in the world today, but NetBoom is the most prominent and widely loved element. Its ability is powerful and convenient, giving players all the popular PC games in the world. NetBoom – Play PC Games On Your Phone


Cloud Gaming service allows players to enjoy many games on platforms on any device without downloading an emulator or any of these games. The only thing that players need when using cloud gaming service is a stable internet connection to play all PC games they love. Rather than that, all the memory, performance, and content for every game is hosted on NetBoom's native server. After users choose their favorite game, the application will stream and let the player control the game comfortably without downloading any extra content. The app will provide each user with a separate account, which stores all the data of every game to enjoy anytime, anywhere, and synchronize with other devices.


Users can view NetBoom as a giant game library with all the content supported with cloud gaming service to provide convenience for every gamer. The number of games in the app is endless, and they are divided into different genres, along with a versatile search engine for users to explore. The great thing is that the library includes both online and offline games, meaning that players can enjoy playing with their friends despite disagreements over the platforms. All of the most widely searched genres on NetBoom are usually Action, Strategy, RPG, Hack 'n slash, and more. The variety of game content and genres is the main highlight of the app and promises to feel familiar with all games with its virtual screen alone. NetBoom – Play PC Games On Your Phone


NetBoom was developed for the mobile platform, and its goal is to make all games comfortably run on the touch screen and not necessarily accompanied by external devices. What's more, each game in the library has its console design, even though many games will change the entire control mechanics and let players interact directly through the screen. Users can comfortably customize the console according to their style, and they are designed with many elements to satisfy the user's customization. Besides, most games support external controllers, and players can use them to enjoy themselves anytime, anywhere with greater flexibility.


NetBoom is designed for mobile platforms and developed on other platforms, making Cloud Gaming service thrive and satisfy everyone who cannot own a powerful rig. Hence, the app introduces a smart sync function, which automatically stores all player's data or progress in any game on any platform. That function has brought many new experiences to people enjoying the game, and what they need is a stable connection. Furthermore, users can personalize the synchronization process, change its mechanism and traffic. NetBoom – Play PC Games On Your Phone


All PC games are developed with different styles, especially continuous action games, with a different experience and more flexible control mechanism for the mobile platform. Therefore, the application will develop many convenient and impressive features to assist players in countless situations. The most prominent feature is auto-lock and auto-aim, giving players absolute accuracy when experiencing FPS games. Next is the flexible control mechanism for action role-playing games, and finally, the touchscreen-only for real-time or turn-based strategy games, and the player's fingers will become the point clicker.


NetBoom will break the line between platforms and allow people to cross-play with each other across many games, thanks to its unique functionality and protocol. Everything is just like a normal game, and players can participate in online games easily. The app even supports many useful connectivity features, improving players' streaming quality in every game they love for the best online gaming experience. NetBoom – Play PC Games On Your Phone NetBoomsupreme is an application in providing cloud gaming services and breaking all limits on platforms, giving people the conditions to enjoy their favorite games. Furthermore, the app comes with many exciting features to improve gaming quality on mobile platforms, such as connectivity with gaming devices and advanced features for players to enjoy all the games comfortably.

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Download APK (25.75MB)
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