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App Name Ryuko
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MOD Info God Mode
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Ryuko - Legend of Shadow Hunter has beautiful content; the night comes a fascinating adventure. Players who are interested in the ARPG series of games certainly cannot ignore this super product. Basically, it seems to be a lite version of Seriko; if you know this game, then Ryuko is also a name worth trying for the time being. It has both the attractive features of this series of games and is light and can be played on any device. Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter


Kurome is said to be a sacred land protected by shadow ninja warrior clans. They train their strength and techniques to keep the peace in this place. A long time has passed, any evil forces have not attacked this place. People can live peacefully and prosper. The power of the ninja clans expanded and created an invincible city. Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter However, don't get cocky; one day, a maleficent spell causes everything to fall apart in an instant. The force that destroys their power is the skilled warriors right in the city. The curse makes anyone hit become aggressive, bloodthirsty. Their main target is humans. Those who are weak will surely be tragically killed. Even those who are strong enough to fight back can be cursed by looking into the dark eyes of their enemies. Since then, an influential city was completely destroyed. Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter


Ryuko - a shadow hunter, has the beauty and strength of her entire clan. She is a brave warrior with a skill taught by her grandfather. However, with the hunter's creed onslaught, those close to them were killed in the final protest. This female general was wandering everywhere, not finding a purpose for herself until she learned that her grandfather was still alive. Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter Ryuko - Legend of Shadow Hunter will be the journey of a strong girl, traveling along Kurome to increase her strength, search for her grandfather's whereabouts, and rescue the one she loves. Skill, courage, and victory experience will increase with each battle. In the end, will she be able to break the death curse? You are the answer to this question.


For those who are familiar with the ARPG genre, this is a utterly familiar game. Thanks to the release on mobile, Ryuko - Legend of Shadow Hunter has more convenience for those who want to have offline sword fights in their free time. You just need to open the game to find the enemies and fight them until the body becomes tired. Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter Ryuko's swordsmanship will become more and more powerful as she fights while wearing a bandage covering her eyes. This is the best way to fight the curse. Beware, the enemies are skilled warriors, and they are also armed with muskets, a weapon that was introduced in Japan in the 1540s. They have the ability to deal extremely significant damage for a period of time. Meanwhile, your weapons only have guns, agility, and creativity in martial arts only. But it is also thanks to the difficulty that your skills will improve faster and faster.

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nice game

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This is a really nice game, controls and graphics are very good, Im really enjoying playing it https://youtu.be/ItyL4wtwxLY

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I'm Waiting for Early Access testing 😊

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I need this game can you tell me the release dare for ios

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