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Tomb of the Mask
App Name Tomb of the Mask
Genre Action
Size 73.31MB
Latest Version 1.10.4
MOD Info 1.10.4 / Mod: Unlimited coins
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Each country has its own mystical tales such as Norse mythology, Greek mythology or Chinese legends. But there are places where their country has been dying for centuries and their culture has been speculated by modern humans. Many adventurers have made journeys in the wilderness or the majestic mountains just to study the remnants of a nation or a civilization that has been forgotten in human history. Maya is a prime example of the greatest prosperity in human evolution, but disappears mysteriously, without explanations.

Traps-filled labyrinth

To simulate the adventures of scientists who have advanced into the realm of these ancient civilizations, Playgendary designed a special game. New mechanics are always the criteria of this manufacturer for the new games launch. So, Tomb of the Mask became a new hit in recent times. Although the new release, the number of people experiencing the game and the discussion forums about it has become overwhelming in the community. The story is about a risky adventurer, coming to a mystical place to uncover the secrets hidden in the dark maze. And he found an ancient tomb, resembling a Mayan tomb and a strange mask. The adventurer wears a mask and the miracle happens. He realized he was starting to have special abilities that ordinary people could not have. His swift moves on the wall were smooth and easy, even jumping from wall to wall without difficulty. Since then the "fun" began to take place.


Playgendary is famous for casual games, easy to play, neat graphics. So Tomb of the Mask also met those requirements. First, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to the game over the old obstacle. You will have to control a character and overcome all the pitfalls that the designer put into the game. These traps are extremely diverse and unpredictable like traps, huge spheres, deep holes, etc. If you are not careful you will lose your life and have to play again. But the mechanism of movement is the interesting point that this game brings to the player. Characters move at EXTREMELY FAST and players cannot stop them on the move. That is, the character only stops when they touch the wall only. In other words, the game allows the character to jump from wall to wall. On the move will be a lot of coins. Avoiding traps and picking up cents is central to this game. Once you have collected enough coins, unlock the new ones. They all contain their own strengths, the skills that will aid your movement throughout the tomb of the tomb.


The graphics of the game is an extremely simple design with the 2D background. The main colours are brown, black, and purple, reflecting the mystery of a tomb, which can make the player feel a little scared. The game's performance is very smooth, making it easy for players not to encounter any difficulty in controlling the character.


Thanks to the simple gameplay and seemingly limitless paths, players will spend a lot of time playing. In it, breaking old records and destroying the record of friends is one of the challenges that entice players to play. You will spend a lot of free time jumping over walls and scoring.

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5 hr

wow the game is challenging 😅😂

Shuviapr Shuvia
43 hr


14 hr

【文藝風象2016第12期“肝一發遊戲”系列評價】 相當硬核的操作手感呐( •̀∀•́ )。 面具之墓,讓人以為是個恐怖遊戲,結果原來是迷宮關卡。 整個遊戲充滿電子街機風,而且是最復古的電子街機風,顏色簡單,電子音效,像素元素。遊戲走的就是復古電子路線,有點類似吃豆人, 玩家要在一個充滿金幣點數和怪物陷阱的迷宮中行走,通過上下左右滑動,每次滑動都會使面具走到底,所以很多關卡的過關路線很有限。遊戲分為闖關模式和對戰模式,說是對戰模式,其實就是和自己比速度,過關要求盡可能的收集所有道具再進入出口,對戰則是要求盡可能快速進入出口從而進入第二戰場,以免被不斷逼近的牆體壓扁。在滑動的時候,並不會覺得很僵硬,面具移動十分動感。 遊戲通過慢慢的肝,可以獲取所有物品。越到後面越會感受到這款遊戲的魅力所在,是一個舊時代的縮影。 但是遊戲的討巧性並不樂觀,要麼是一眼愛了,要麼看一眼就走了,很難說出現那種我到底要不要玩一玩,啊,還是不玩了。。。。之類的。因為看似不單調的遊戲裏一直在單調著,很多人無法撐到闖盡關卡,這也是遊戲為什麼不火的因素之一。 遊戲在文藝風象2016年年末刊“肝一發遊戲”中,被選中為16個冷門又魔性的ios小遊戲(當然安卓也能玩),官方英文名叫Tomb of the mask。 (本評論部分參考了文藝風象2016年第12期中的片段)

39 hr


56 hr

The game is fun but sometimes emotional. The last time I played level 177, I don't know how long it was. If anyone has finished this game please tell how many levels. thanks :')

mi and few
17 hr

450關 從ios玩到安卓😭 全部玩完了 難度3星吧,消磨時間很好 期待下部

0 hr

love this game! recommend for people with fast fingers 🤠