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Zombie Hunter D-Day
App Name Zombie Hunter D-Day
Genre Action
Size 129.87MB
Latest Version 1.0.900
MOD Info One Hit
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Rating 4.5/5 (10 votes)
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If you are a fan of horror movies or books, you cannot ignore Zombie Hunter D-Day. Based on the story of the post-pandemic world Clegames Inc. gave birth to the game. This is a game in the action genre with horror. Since its launch, the game has received enthusiastic support and appreciation from the gaming community and horror fans. The game promises to bring but an interesting experience about shooting for players. Zombie Hunter D-Day


Inspired by the story of the D-Day pandemic day, the post-apocalyptic world. Players will be immersed in the post-pandemic world. At that time, the undead had a tremendous force, appearing everywhere and increasing exponentially. You are the last lucky survivor and a global hero with powerful porcelain to save the world and have in hand an arsenal of modern weapons to fight against bloodthirsty monsters with terrible mutations. Coming to Zombie Hunter D-day, you can unleash yourself in the sea of ​​zombies, be a real hero to show off your shooting and shooting skills. Give players a truly breathtaking experience in zombie hunts. The game is designed extremely responsive and supports the player's vision in the interface very well. The game also has a day-night mechanism to create challenges for the super gunners in many different environments and visions and increase the drama for the player. Zombie Hunter D-Day


With more than 1 million installs on CH Play after only a short time of release, it has somewhat shown the interesting attraction of the game. Sharp 3D graphics and attractive animations bring a more authentic feel to the game player, helping players feel like they are really in the zombie apocalypse. Moreover, with rich game content, players can comfortably play their best. Blackgrough was engaging both in time and in context. They change continuously from day to night, from sunny to wet, or maybe from the murky forests to the scary pristine houses that create a more creepy feeling. Besides, the vibrant sound quality combined with the background music of gunshots, the roar of the Zombie and all contributed to a unique game. Zombie Hunter D-Day


The map system and rich game modes give players many new and interesting experiences that are not boring when playing the game. Many modern weapons, power-upgradable with the most advanced weapon upgrades to get players getting stronger, or you can buy a more powerful one and even ammo in the store. However, it will cost money, so you have to complete more levels to buy more powerful weapons. Players can play online and offline, which means you can play games anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. Therefore, you can comfortably play without worrying about network lag, Supporting many languages ​​around the world, enriching and diverse in countries and gamers. Besides, the game is suitable for all devices. Mobile, as well as PC configurations, make it possible for players to play on any device. Zombie Hunter D-Day


The game is not yet supported on iOS, only supported on Android, limiting the number of players. The publisher needs to improve further so that iOS users can experience an interesting game like Gameplay data that may be reset in phone changes and app deletion. The product contains certain payables and in-game currency features. The use of items such as payments and in-game currency may result in real financial costs. The game divides easy difficulty levels into many different maps and supports many new game modes that make the game more outstanding and attractive. Players should pay attention to how to play with controls to follow the rules of the game, avoid making mistakes that lead to loss of lives and return to play from the beginning. There is a variety of missions and attractive rewards, and rewards are logged in every day. If you are a lover of action shooting horror games, do not hesitate to install Zombie Hunter D-day to have a true, exciting, and creepy experience, feeling of survival, fascinating life, and death. With fairly simple gameplay, players can quickly catch up with the game. You will have no idle or boring time when you come to Zombie Hunter D-day.

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Download APK (129.87MB)
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zidan diandr...
101 hr

Wow its pretty good

Afridi Kha
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32 hr

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Sameer Kumar Sa
62 hr


Алексей Реутов
87 hr

ещё один тир 😀

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