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Grow Soldier
App Name Grow Soldier
Genre Adventure
Size 37.80MB
Latest Version 4.3.0
MOD Info One Hit Kill
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Players will participate in a battle against monsters where they will find a way to develop the strength of the army in Grow Soldier - Merge Soldier. Developing an army is straightforward, and most of the time, you'll find ways to match two units to create new ones. From there, you will discover new types of soldiers with different characteristics. In addition, the upgrade mechanism is also completely diverse so that players can experience and choose the optimal solution. Grow Soldier – Merge Soldier


The role of players in Grow Soldier is exciting as they will, together with their military forces will try to fight the enemies that are gradually approaching. The number of enemies will increase over time and require you to upgrade the strength of your forces. There is exciting gameplay that players can easily access but cannot miss any moment because the enemy always appears constantly. You can observe the battle and the forces you have. The game screen of Grow Soldier will be divided into two parts corresponding to two different purposes in the game. You will find a tank in the upper half, a super soldier, and soldiers of various types fighting with increasingly large and powerful enemies. At the same time, there will be troops that you are managing, and their number will increase with the number of times you open the box. In other words, the number of minions will be generated over time for you to develop them.
Grow Soldier – Merge Soldier Grow Soldier – Merge Soldier


In Grow Soldier, your task is straightforward: not to let your army be defeated entirely and destroy many different enemies over time. An exciting point requiring the player's tactical skill is automatically seeing your army fight with the enemy. So this means that if your minion's stats are weak, they will lose. From there, creating new troops was a necessity and made simple. This work will be done in the lower half of the screen to see many soldiers with the same shape. That ensures you have enough numbers to match them and create a unit with higher quality than the two units you have combined. From there, the number of these minions will continuously appear from you opening them from the box, and the box has time to appear. The number of minions you create will immediately join the battle on the next enemy's turn.
Grow Soldier – Merge Soldier Grow Soldier – Merge Soldier


Once you know how to play Grow Soldier, there won't be many factors that make it difficult for you, and you will need to capture the moments when the minions appear to match. Matching and creating new minions increase the army's strength, and each new type created will have awe-inspiring properties like a shield minion. But you will also realize that the amount of material you receive will be sent from the box, and you do not need to worry too much because you can interfere with the production efficiency. Military power consists of two components that are soldiers and super soldiers. For regular minions, the more minions you create in a time, the more game stages you will complete. The game allows you to upgrade some performance-related stats, such as increasing the number of soldiers that spawn from the box or faster box production time. Also, for super solder, you can upgrade their power, and over time, you will unlock more characters of this type to join the battle.

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