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Portal gives players unique gameplay combined with a unique storyline interspersed with extremely humorous dialogues of AI characters. All create an exciting experience especially for you, allowing you to transform into the character Chell with space challenges by opening portals, moving objects in many ways. This place is the perfect combination of FPS and puzzle gameplay that takes place in a mysterious laboratory.


First of all, accompanying you on your journey is the artificial intelligence known by its familiar name, GLaDOS. It is a genetically engineered disk operating system that functions as an intelligent machine that monitors and guides you. This character appears hugely impressed with the voice of a comedian. At the same time, it provides basic information about the main character Chell, but the level of credibility is not high because she is a professional liar.


Appearing in front of the player is the image of a rather unique laboratory, Aperture Science. This is a paradise used to research and make gate guns successfully. You have the opportunity to uncover the mysteries of this place through Portal quests just for you. For those of you who don't know, when Chell came here, this room had been abandoned for quite a long time, but the surprising thing is that all devices still operate automatically without the owner's control.


The foundation to build a Portal completes a puzzle system solved by exceptional gameplay, which is different from other games of the same genre. Specifically, you will proceed to teleport characters and objects present in the laboratory through an "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device'' tool, which can create an interdimensional portal between two planes.


The artificial intelligence character will challenge you; not only that, but it also mocks you giving you more motivation to win against it. You can use the portal gun to assist in completing puzzles more smoothly and quickly. The portal gun will help you create two different portal ends, and you can tell them apart by color. One appears orange and the other blue.


A law in the field of physics applied in Portal is the law of conservation of kinetic energy. In other words, when the subjects moved through the portals of the chamber, all kinetic energy was retained. As a result, this puts new demands on every player who needs to make the most creative use of portals to move through the lab.


After you complete every level, we give you more crazy challenges that are highly addictive. In addition, you are warned that the solution to solving the puzzles is not one but even many, depending on your ability and creativity. This is the motivation for two additional modes to be born that challenge every player to find many cool, weird ways to replace what you have known before. Specifically, the Challenge Map and Advanced Room are open to welcoming you to explore many more dangerous obstacles.

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Download APK (23.17MB)
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