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Zombie Catchers
App Name Zombie Catchers
Genre Adventure
Size 73.68MB
Latest Version 1.30.25
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Zombie Catchers (MOD, Unlimited Money) puts you in the role of a zombie hunter while also running his own beverage business.
A post-apocalyptic world with elements of fun different from those you've experienced before can be found in Zombie Catchers. Players will control a character that symbolizes the fear of the monsters inside this game. At the same time, in playing, you also find many exciting factors and promote your business to become more developed. So this is a game that will entertain you effectively.


A post-apocalyptic world often brings fear to the player as they take on the role of confronting these fearsome enemies. But this changes a bit in Zombie Catchers when you will be the hunter, and it is you who bring fear to these monsters. Specifically, the story of this game revolves around two merchants who have an intergalactic trip and are looking for a necessary base to build a business. These two characters are A.J and Bud, and they are aliens and have had a crush on Earth and trying to do actual work here. At the same time, they will be providing services to many people with great ingredients. So, the primary material in this game is zombies with different colors, and these monsters will have a particular fear when you appear in front of them. You will need to use your weapon correctly.


In Zombie Catchers, players will run a drive-through cafe and have many players passing through your country. It's quite a long line, but this brings a certain amount of trouble in the game. Specifically, you will need to collect certain ingredients to create drinks, and an extraordinary material is zombies with different colors. Essences of different zombies can be used to create a drink that other villagers like. If you have some problems with materials, you will need to participate in levels to catch the necessary zombies. Specifically, you will see a map and will see a tracker for these zombies. Areas with zombies will receive a response from this machine, and you can join them immediately. You will control A.J with a weapon that always shoots the target forward, and each shot will capture a zombie. You will control the character in a 2D environment, and there are two types of zombies that you will encounter at the beginning of this game. Specifically, some zombies will appear in front of you entirely directly, and you will try to shoot them completely accurately before they escape. The other type of zombies is that they will find a way to hide their whereabouts, that you will need to use bait to make them emerge from the ground. You will need to try to catch them as quickly as possible. Your gun will have a center that appears on the screen, and you need to focus close to zombies and catch them immediately. After throwing a brain on the ground, you'll need to find a place to block the zombies' view. Once they've emerged from the ground, you'll jump out of hiding and try to catch them as quickly as possible. They will not move slowly but can jump over obstacles. It would be best if you did not let them go to the green area at either end of the level.


After you have gathered the ingredients for the drink extraction, you will create different types of drinks. Raw materials will be stored in a tank and continuously extracted. At the same time, the minimum amount for the process to run smoothly is that you will need to meet three units. In addition, each time you meet a certain amount of drink, your amount will increase, and this process is done automatically. In Zombie Catchers, there will be a period until the ingredients run out; the player will spend time extracting as many drinks as possible. But one thing that you will need to realize is that some customers will need a large amount of drink but the production time is not as fast as you would like. The solution is quite simple: to use plutonium to speed up the production process as much as possible. In addition, most of you will use this resource to fulfill various tasks.


You will receive many different levels in Zombie Catchers and try to complete the tasks you receive. Completing quests is often used to boost a character's level and unlock various elements of the game. Specifically, you can find new weapons to help you catch zombies or find new types of zombies. At the same time, when you earn a lot of money, you can use it to upgrade your drinks and weapons for characters.

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el juego Está bien solamente el defecto que tiene ese que tiene muchos anuncios y no deja bien jugar pero aparte de todo está bien el juego pero fuera de eso es un buen juego