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Angry Birds Friends
App Name Angry Birds Friends
Genre Arcade
Size 97.35MB
Latest Version 11.5.1
MOD Info Unlimited Powers/Full Unlocked
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Rating 3.9/5 (8 votes)
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Angry Birds is a franchise that is no stranger to us. Now, Angry Birds Friends has been improved and allows the download and play on the app store. It allowed users to play anywhere and provide a delightful entertainment experience while retaining the previous versions' traditional appeal. Angry Birds Friends

Entertainment has never been reduced

As you all know, this is a game that has been around for a long time and which one of us has been or is a game enthusiast and entertainment cannot be played before. This simple game for all ages is the perfect choice for a healthy game and offers endless entertainment; the ranks created for players to conquer are also the exciting and aggressive players, thereby bringing an exciting entertainment journey. How many years have passed, generation after generation, generation after age are still immersed in the game, and more people love it? It is so popular that it can be found the keyword "Angry Birds" on a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other device it can find, which is a kind of solution. The human mind of saneness, simplicity. If you have never played this type of game, immediately download Angry Birds Friends to understand why this game seems so attractive. Angry Birds Friends

How to play

Very simply, the birds with different shapes will be placed on the chute with the giant rubber thread; you need to drag them and drop them to destroy the arranged architecture in the game and make the birds. The birds touch the blue pigs, make those pale round pigs perish, so you make each level until you want to stop. Each level is increased every week, making the game never boring, the ranking shown in the bar of the game will make you aggressive, and the game increases your friends' scores will become fierce, drastic and of course, it will be an exciting journey. Each bird has its own advantages and disadvantages, so each drag and drop will make you think a bit, so don't worry that the game will become cliché because you can upgrade and equip the Bird at any time and think about how much money you will earn. Angry Birds Friends

It Is a free game

Many games cost a certain amount to play, but Angry Birds Friends allows you to experience anytime, anywhere, entirely for free. They provide you with highly relaxing and refreshing entertainment and use your mind in a gentle yet highly healthy way. It is the best choice for kids, parents, and all those looking for stress-free entertainment with lovely and relaxing graphics. Of course, you can also waste it if you want. Spending money to buy equipment for your birds can make it easier to get through the level and the game even more enjoyable. But it also doesn't matter if you play it for free. This game will fully satisfy your entertainment needs. Angry Birds Friends

An overall review of Angry Bird Friends

Like every other bird shooting game, Angry Birds Friends is easy to play, pleasant, cute, but hard to ignore. This game is something worth experiencing once. Many of the Angry Bird Friends players have been attached to these angry birds for a long time and say it is an excellent app for stress relief and the best choice for recess. There is nothing to argue with in terms of popularity because nobody knows when it comes to the game. But to judge the quality should look at the comments for the game, and many fans of it from many parts of the world have proven that this is an application worth paying attention to and will be known more in the future. This is only a partial description of Angry Birds Friends if you are looking for a healthy and pure entertaining game. An exciting journey with birds opens, and you will be the best commander to bring these colorful animals step by step to conquer victory and reach the top of the leaderboards. It's free, and if you're wondering, oh, of course, it's free.

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Download APK (97.35MB)
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Leonardo Rev...
68 hr

Это как классический Angry Birds но с другой графикой, создана только для фейсбука, чтобы соревноваться с друзьями по очкам) Разработчики умеют создавать топовые события и создавать крутые уровни на турнире)) ANGRY BIRD LEGENDA

22 hr

nice game

16 hr