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Dolphin Emulator
App Name Dolphin Emulator
Genre Arcade
Size 15.92MB
Latest Version 5.0-15445
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Dolphin Emulator - Games played on handheld game consoles are still widely used by many people, because the products that operate on it are smooth and specialized for all gaming players worldwide. The number of people who own such devices is prevalent, making publishers earn a lot of revenue from it. Therefore, this game is becoming more and more interesting, worth waiting for and waiting for players to buy anytime.

Mission of Dolphin Emulator

But the fact that not everyone has the economic conditions to own such a device. Besides, the power of Android and iOS smart devices today have met many basic requirements (even advanced) of a device used to play games. So players can experience handhold console games on their smartphones without the need for SNES, GBA or DS, etc. However, it is still impossible for private games to be released for mobile by the game for a handheld console. Moreover, the need to enjoy those games on mobile also increased. The most urgent need at the moment is a simulated environment that enables users to play all games on their smartphones although the experience will not be as realistic as it will certainly satisfy the majority of gamers who are hungry.

The best emulator for GameCube and the Wii

The current simulator system will make users happy because of the quality and dedication of the publisher. Almost all gaming operating systems have been emulated on Android with many integrated devices. But the Dolphin Emulator is one of the most popular emulators thanks to the way it works smoothly on many devices as well as its peak integration. You will not need to use multiple emulator applications to play each game released. Now only with Dolphin is it possible to experience it all. They will be classified by tags so that players can easily select and play. After stopping playing, the data will remain on the server, the next time they can access it to continue the game you are unfinished. Even the most advanced gaming machines like the Wii are emulated for the player to choose from.

Play now!

Dolphin's capacity is actually very light at 14MB so users can freely download it to their mobile device. If you don't want to play the game anymore, uninstalling is also very quick without saving any garbage data in the memory. But it is just a simulator, not a game, so you have to spend more memory to install the game. The application will have a way to maximize the power of all data so you will be less likely to experience lag during gameplay. However, if the user is conscious of cleaning up the memory manually, it will operate more smoothly. [su_spoiler title="MOD Info?" open="yes" style="fancy"] With advanced settings for Android 7+ (arm64-v8a). - To the maximum optimized, improved performance (compared to the version from Google Play heaven and earth). - Fixed touch d-pad for a comfortable game (when pressed in any direction does not disappear). [/su_spoiler] [tabs][tab]Dolphin Emulator [V5.0-11991] [APK FILE][/tab] [tab]Dolphin Emulator [V5.0-11824] [MOD] [APK FILE][/tab] [/tabs]

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Download APK (15.92MB)
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