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Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge
App Name Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge
Genre Arcade
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Latest Version 1.1.1
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Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge is a racing game on the train to fight against forces intended to attack humans. Unlike other racing games with the aim of racing over the opponents to get the highest rating, this game is a fighting game right on the track. The player must avoid the obstacles on the track and shoot your enemies to overcome that tough and challenging race. The game offers a new, attractive, and new gameplay, attracting players with unique features. The game will take you to a beautiful space with exciting experiences never before seen in other games. Let's immerse ourselves in adventures on the fiery roads at lightning speed and danger. Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge


Fast Fighter is set in the future context. When artificial intelligence develops quickly, it will control everything in the world and start attacking people. Under these circumstances, a secret organization was formed to put an end to their command center completely. That secret force joined at a mortal speed to get close to the command center and destroy them. On the track, the auto warriors in that secret force need to overcome all obstacles and fight the enemy and dodge their bullets skillfully. When participating in each challenging stage, the riders will be fully equipped to participate in combat. In each different challenge, the player will have to control his warrior skillfully to defeat the game screen's last boss. After defeating the boss, you will receive a lot of money, and that money you use to upgrade your warrior stronger.


In Fast Fighter, players have to race and fight against enemies at a very high speed. Not only racing on the fiery track, but you also have to shoot all your opponents and avoid the obstacles on the track that obstruct you. You will have great experiences with the game's complex and dangerous challenges, giving you a thrill but also very engaging. In addition to dealing with obstacles, traps, and enemies on the track, players also have to confront dangerous bosses at the end of the track. This last boss is mighty, and the player takes a lot of ammo and time to kill it; this boss will shoot a lot of bullets at your warrior, so you have to dodge its bullets and try to keep them. Life comes until you shoot it down to get the money.
Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge Fast Fighter: Racing to Revenge


Fast Fighter's standout feature is the ability to upgrade your racers and warrior weapons to overtake or destroy your opponent's racers and keep your racers safe on the track. After knowing the boss, you will receive a corresponding amount through each race, and you will use this money to upgrade weapons, equip or buy new weapons and equipment for your warrior to help them beat those giant bosses. Besides, you can also use that money to buy a new kind of racing car for yourself; gradually, you will have a private racing collection. You can freely choose your favorite racing car or race car that suits each challenge, race to fight to destroy all opponents. Try to overcome the passing roads, fight hard to own a unique collection of racing cars in the game.


The graphics of Fast Fighter are excellent. The minor details are attentive and clearly shown—harmonious game color, suitable for different items. The racing cars are tiny but are indicated in great detail by the designer, bringing a sense of authenticity to the player. The fired bullets' images are also very realistic, with a very realistic explosion boom image, making the player thrilled with the moments of death and death on that dangerous track. The sound of the game is vivacious and realistic. The rumble of racing cars and cars obstructing your way, helping players adventure into the real track. The sound of booms and explosions in the game is simulated like real, increasing the players' suspense. This game combines racing and shooting for free and attracts the most players ever by its fresh and bold gameplay. Fast Fighter is the perfect matching racing and shooting game for passion about daring, dangerous games. The game will give players a great feeling along with exciting and unique experiences.

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