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Grow Castle
App Name Grow Castle
Genre Arcade
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MOD Info Unlimited Money,Mega Menu
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Idle Defense games are an entertaining and tactical genre when players continuously develop their stronghold to fight countless monsters' waves. And Grow Castle is also a game of that genre, but with simple graphics and user-friendly gameplay. In this game, players will have to build strong lines of defense against the army of monsters. Accompanying them will be an endless upgrade system, with the Idle mechanism to optimize the player's defense. As the battle goes further, new units will appear, powerful monsters will be created, even more objective for the player. If you are confident in your defensive tactics, this game will be a worthwhile experience. Grow Castle


The gameplay of Grow Castle is a perfect combination of defense and strategy, where players must use available resources to build the most powerful defense. However, instead of making the defense endless, the player's journey will be divided into many challenges, even many special events for players to enjoy. Each game mode will have its own data and automatically save the player's progress to enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. The game will also introduce players to a massive upgrade system, divided into many different categories with various combat units and technology. Of course, the enemy will automatically upgrade according to the player's level, and the most important factor is still the player's strategy. Grow Castle


This game's defense mechanism is simple, consisting of three main areas: the vanguard, the wall, and the rear. Each area is suitable for building a particular type of defense, but along the battlefield's roadsides are used to build gadgets or turrets with special powers. The rear will gather archers, continuously providing support to the frontline with countless arrows. On the wall is for heroes, with great strength, and can support an army of large areas. And players will be supported with an upgraded system, allowing the defense to increase constantly, and the player can face more enemies. Grow Castle


While defending, players must know the perfect timing to face giant or powerful enemies. Players can use many active functions to fight, like spawn minions, use of skills, and pinpoint goals. Each function will take some time to cool down; even the minions will automatically disappear after a period of time. Each function has its own characteristic, and they are influenced by many elements of the game, like the upgrade system and heroes. Grow Castle


Human defenses depend on the player's stronghold, so they need to build their strongest defenses to face aggressive monsters. "Grow Castle" will present players with an endless system upgraded and diversified, as it includes many other areas so that players enjoy the game. Players receive money each time they defeat monsters, and they can use them to upgrade archers, troop, and heroes on the walls. Each upgrade function unlocks new things, and players can improve each unit's quantity and quality to a new level. The upgrade system also affects the army's general skills, and the player can evolve entire walls if they reach a certain level. Grow Castle


Grow Castle will give players many entertaining activities to relax with other players around the world. Special events and challenges will all give players interesting rewards, like defensive units and powerful heroes. However, their levels are separately designed, and the player must use available resources to build new defenses and fight new enemies. The player's achievements are recorded and even honored with the world. Of course, special events and challenges are endless, and players can challenge themselves with how far they go with their own defensive skills. Grow Castle


Every 5 challenges will appear a Boss class creature in the player's journey; they have extremely persistent strength and defense and continuously spawns smaller monsters. Players will be able to use the advancement function, a form of minion control, to attack bases and bosses. However, the ability will not activate because the game will limit the area of ​​use, and the boss will always be out of attack range. Therefore, the player will have to improve the minions' power to take down any enemies along the way. Grow Castle is considered one of the highly entertaining games, and it is a perfect combination of many elements for players to enjoy. If you want to challenge your defense tactic, this game will be a new experience. It also gives you many surprises in the upgrade and defense process, ensuring you always have the most fierce battles with this game.

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id2255 :3
27 hr


17 hr

This is so good i love this game im playing this every day 😊😊😊

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21 hr

如果是大學時期碰到這款遊戲,一定會喜歡得死去活來,因為那時候(自以為)時間多得花不完,上不喜歡的課,一款消磨時間的遊戲是最佳伴侶。 《成長城堡》的波次節奏極快,且只有一條線路,玩家獲得的金幣和經驗能很快地作用到下一輪中,所以玩家每隔十幾秒就能感受到一次“成長”,陷入到這種無限的循環中。 英雄的選擇多到驚人,足足80多種,最多時能上場12個,此外還能裝備道具,建造防禦塔,因此能構建出極多的戰術,而即使你不看攻略,前期還是能玩得很開心。 金幣能自動產出,看廣告能獲得大量金幣,也算是方便了免費玩家,其實這遊戲對氪金需求很大…… 在沒網絡且時間很多的時候,玩玩《成長城堡》還是不錯的。