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Hotel Elevator
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Hotel Elevator is a simulator game but with new, rich content and a lot of potentials for players to experience the work of a hotel assistant. It is a position commonly found in most luxury or high-class hotels today to assist every guest in reaching their desired floor with a positive attitude. Many new things in that work will gradually unfold over time, giving players absolute entertainment with many random situations. Hotel Elevator: Lift Simulator, Doorman Mania Game


Large hotels often have elevator attendants available 24/7 to provide all necessary services for every customer in moving to the desired floor. That element is applied to Hotel Elevator but introduces other prominent concepts such as aliens, demons, creatures, etc., to diversify the ecosystem in the hotel. Instead of only serving a single species, players now have to attend to each species separately and interact with them to receive many valuable rewards. Depending on the species of every guest, the interaction of the players is varied, and they will have many special responses to give life to the whole hotel. Moreover, they need to take every customer to the desired location and chat or raise their mood for more rewards. The content and work of an attendant can constantly change randomly, but that is the core of the gameplay as players can create a lot of things at work.
Hotel Elevator: Lift Simulator, Doorman Mania Game Hotel Elevator: Lift Simulator, Doorman Mania Game


Things quickly get boring if players focus only on bringing customers to designated frequencies or providing additional services. Therefore, the game will create countless random accidents on each floor, and at the same time, make players have to be active and flexible in handling things smoothly or protecting the safety of customers. Depending on the species of each customer, they also have to bring a few essential items to meet some special conditions. Accidents come in various styles, but they will take place over an entire floor, and the player must ensure evacuation and then cope. A professional attendant is all about providing safety for customers wherever they are, which applies practically right in this game. In the future, more large-scale accidents will randomly occur in the hotel, and the player must deal with them effectively to increase their salary.
Hotel Elevator: Lift Simulator, Doorman Mania Game Hotel Elevator: Lift Simulator, Doorman Mania Game Hotel Elevator: Lift Simulator, Doorman Mania Game


Once players have advanced in the Hotel Elevator, they will gradually unlock new areas or hotels to diversify their personal experience. Each hotel contains a distinct concept, and they include a separate ecosystem for players to enjoy high-quality moments from many different dimensions. That also affects the inhabitants of the hotels, introducing a variety of species for players to attend.


Thanks to the rewards that players receive from attending guests, Hotel Elevator will introduce a system of humorous outfit customization. They do not follow any concept, but their humor increases over time to enhance the player's entertainment. Moreover, some special effects of the outfits will make interacting with customers more convenient. Hotel Elevator promises to bring players the ultimate entertainment and chaos when becoming a professional elevator attendant. From there, they need to develop their career and provide the best elevator lift experience for every customer regardless of race. Moreover, they also have to show their flexibility in dealing with accidents and absolute customer protection.

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