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Knife Hit
App Name Knife Hit
Genre Arcade
Size 67.12MB
Latest Version 1.8.13
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Surely everyone has a circus, whether on TV or in the circus. One of the games that make everyone excited and cheering congratulations when finished is the knife throw. Indeed, every time this game is completed, everyone is relieved because the volunteers to participate in beer racks are still safe. Another video game on mobile phones is popular with many people because of its simple and easy to understand gameplay. While games are loaded with violent role-playing games, there are still some cool games like this for those who have entertainment needs but the time limit or do not like to overthink when playing games. In the Knife Hit game, you just have to throw knives and score points, flush out your troubles and frustrations here is probably an excellent way to calm down after hours of stressful work.


The rules of the Knife Hit game are simple to get used to; even a child can play well in 10p. You just throw all the knives you have in store. After you successfully pin all of them to a log, it will break and win. The wood, of course, does not stand still for you to throw at it but will rotate at an unpredictable pace, so it is difficult to throw precisely at it. Therefore, the game requires a very smooth combination in the observation and reflection of the hand. Just one moment you will fail. If you hit the knives or the spikes that have been pinned or you have just pinned them, they will be counted as losers. Try to aim appropriately before deciding to throw the knife because when pressed it cannot be withdrawn anymore. But there are goals you can target for rewarding rewards. Slash apples are available in the logs, and after a full slash of time, you will unlock the brand new knife, with beautiful looks that you will love. If I were to hold new weapons in my hands, it would have been fun, the emotions of sublimation would undoubtedly be better than before, scores are getting higher and higher. After going through five consecutive stages, you will enter a more exciting and challenging stage than the previous ones. Here you will have to fight with a boss, and apparently, after defeating it, you will get beneficial bonuses in the next game.

Graphics and sound

Apparently, it is not possible to request a video game with top-notch 3D graphics such as role-playing or action games. But it also met the needs of the graphics player when the details are designed very clearly and beautifully. You will distinguish the new knife unlocked what is different from the old knife used before. The movement of the logs, speed, and sensitivity, as well as hitbox, is accurate to every detail so that the game does not have a significant problem while playing. Not to mention the background is also refined to make players always want to try to explore the strange and beautiful scenery waiting for them in the back. The sound is also one of the strengths of the game, which has earned the attention of gamers as it genuinely portrays the actions and interactions that occur in the game. You can rely on that to judge even the smallest movements to increase the accuracy of the throws. Make the most of it.

Version has something new

With this release, Ketchapp has upgraded a lot of things, as well as added some new Knife Pack. Of course, you can buy them for free with our MOD version. In addition, many new levels are added. It can be said that this is the big updated version of Knife Hit so far. Download now to enjoy

Sum up

Although it's just a lightweight and easy-to-play video game, it captures the hearts of many gamers around the world with positive feedback from the community and a steady stream of downloads as well. The hotness of the game after only two days has reached 500000 downloads an admirable number and worth to test this game once? Have fun with the game hours to relieve the daily stress.

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Download APK (67.12MB)
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Arcade score based game with nice artstyle. Great for killing time. Game overall 10/10 Recommend.