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Run Guys
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Genre Arcade
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Latest Version 1.15.8
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Run Guys: Knockout Royale is a battle royale game with a new and completely innovative way of playing. Players will spend a lot of time overcoming different challenges and not participate in any battles in this game but still feel the excitement that it brings. At the same time, players also try to be the fastest in the match with other players to become the winner.
Run Guys: Knockout Royale Run Guys: Knockout Royale


Run Guys: Knockout Royale brings you a colorful world that any player will love. Many environmental elements appear in the game and are entirely designed to experience and can't take their eyes off it. At the same time, the game's environment is constantly changing, that players will take time to adapt to it and be careful with many things inside this game if they want to win. Each environmental element in the game has specific functions that the player will need to pay attention to because they can affect the player. At the same time, you can notice that the game's field will have an area that you can move around, and around is endless space. So, if, unfortunately, you are hit by something and fly out of the playing area, you will be the loser. It can be said that these are challenges that any player will need to overcome. For this game, players will control the character in a third-person perspective with an exciting, cute, and colorful appearance. It is also a factor that will make many players love. At the same time, you will have two unique buttons: the move button on the left side and the jump button on the right side. The two buttons are not too difficult to understand, but it takes the time and skill of the player to be able to get used to and control the character proficiently. You will need to overcome many different pitfalls.


Run Guys: Knockout Royale owns an exciting world with many challenges waiting for players. You will engage in a battle with many other players, and it has the essence of a battle royale game, but there is one thing that you will need to pay attention to inside this game. In the match, you will not use any weapon to defeat the enemy and will be the one to reach the finish line quickly in the number of winners specified in each level.
Run Guys: Knockout Royale Run Guys: Knockout Royale
Players will control the character and appear on the field with many other players, which will be many. They will jostle each other to find their way and go where their friend wants to go. But the progress of each person's movement is not the same and is always affected by one thing that is the environmental factors that are always active. It can be seen as a pitfall that you will need to overcome even though they do not damage the player. These traps have many types, and depending on each level, new traps will appear. For example, you will have to pass an area with a giant ball with great power or a constantly spinning wheel. Then, you will jump from one place to another to reach the final destination. However, you will care about one factor: you will not worry about getting lost in this game because simple paths are easy to follow and direct to the destination. In other words, you need to overcome the pitfalls; you will reach the goal.


If you think Run Guys: Knockout Royale has only one level, you are wrong. This game will have many different levels, and each level has its unique elements. So you won't know what awaits you ahead, and you only know how to adapt to your surroundings quickly. At the same time, one thing that keeps players motivated is the number of people approved to go to the next level. It can be said that the number of players remaining and required in each stage will be less.


After winning the level in Run Guys: Knockout Royale, the player will receive a certain amount of resources, and you will use them a lot in this game. For example, you can collect a certain number of red diamonds to unlock many interesting new characters with different looks. At the same time, you also get some money or equipment with dynamic support effects in many matches. Your character will have a unique talent and, when unlocked, will be equipped for the player. But its unlocking method is entirely different from some other games because it is not upgraded by level but by luck. Specifically, you will need a certain amount of money to unlock the talent and wait for the screen to randomize any skill. But, at the same time, you also get a lot of equipment with different effects related to your level, and they are leveled by color.

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