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App Name Samurai2
Genre Arcade
Size 59.09MB
Latest Version 1.4.0
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Rating 5.0/5 (56 votes)
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SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE will be a continuation of the story of the last part and maximize the player's combat experience.
If you are a fan of action games, Samurai II will be a great action game for you. This new launch is probably the sequel to this perfect action game. Samurai stories in Japanese culture have been an endless source of inspiration for American Westerners. The game's battles look like the American West in the Japanese era of the feudal era. In this part 2, the story's producer Daisuke, will have to take on the quest for revenge as he chases. My unfriendly enemy is Orochi. This story is the setting for the turmoil that begins, and conflict begins there. SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE


Samurai II sends Daisuke to seek out and take revenge on his enemies across the war-ravaged countryside. This game is a continuation of Samurai I's story, and the two games are closely related. This is an exciting game with unique gameplay, attractive and beautiful graphics. In this part 2, Vengeance has greatly improved compared to the old version and evolved into a hacking and slashing action that is extremely bloody. The game is truly the perfect successor to its role by being focused on developing by manufacturers. 3D punches and fast-paced killing actions make players even more interested in this game. Thanks to listening to the fans, the game has improved dramatically and is appreciated by many players around the world. The game has been changed and developed a lot by the manufacturer compared to part I. SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE


The biggest change of the Samurai II is the control system. In part I, players will control both movement and battle with a simple and easy-to-perform delicious swipe. In this part II, the manufacturer removed that control. Instead, the game will provide the system of keys and navigation buttons on the screen; this control system looks regressive and intuitive than the old control system. This is a good thing because, with this control system, you will move faster and deal with more enemies at once. The quick and precise movements are probably the manufacturer's success in this Part II, but the more surprising and reliable thing is probably the execution of in-game combos. Previously, the punches, slash combos, ... would automatically unlock randomly, but now, players must use the amount accumulated after each level of play to buy new skills. How to use combos is also very easy and convenient, with just one swipe. SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE


Samurai II has various intense, fast, and bloody battles that users can participate in to challenge their own fighting ability. Fight enemies using new weapons with special abilities. To win battles, players must be agile, plan their attacks, deploy dangerously, and avoid long-range enemies before they strike us. The game will have daily quests, and you must complete it to earn more charges and use the charges to upgrade your weapons and skills. Be careful to avoid dangerous hours in the game and take advantage of the useful items for you. Besides, the game also features RPG elements that reward players with new combat skills and improve the Samurai's health, purchase attack combos and upgrade them to the highest level possible - levels of destruction. SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE


From a visual perspective, Samurai II is the ultimate game. The game has rebuilt the lively, artistic, and detailed battle scene. The character model has also been greatly improved, the enemies in the game are also more diverse, and the characters in the game are depicted more clearly than in the old version. The enemies are diverse not only in their appearance but also in a variety of costumes and weapons. Stay tuned to see your bad and evil enemies block your attacks and chase you. Your danger is not only the enemy but also the traps in the game, and you need to be careful and skillful to avoid those traps and completely kill the enemies that attack you. This game is an extremely bloody action game with knife blows that make blood splash. Therefore, this game is not for the faint of heart. You can do a brutal murder as possible, and you can even cut people in half and cut off the head of the enemy. Samurai II is an improvement over the old version. It is a bloody and ruthless action game with fierce slashing actions. Download this game and experience the fascinating battles!

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