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Subway Princess Runner
App Name Subway Princess Runner
Genre Arcade
Size 103.27MB
Latest Version 6.8.2
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Subway Princess Runner is an endless running game available on mobile devices and computer browser. Help Lucy to run away from a cop, dodge obstacles and collect collectibles. Subway Princess Runner hack mod apk can be downloaded from Moddroid. The adventure awaits you if you only dare to take part in Subway Princess Runner!



The rules of Subway Princess Runner apk mod are simple and intuitive. In the game you will become Lucy, a girl being chased by a cop who needs to run as fast and as far as possible. Lucy will start her runaway in New York Subway full of trains, roadblocks, and other obstacles. Lucy will need to jump over the fences, dodge incoming trains, do wall runs, rolls, and perform other parkour movements. She not only needs to avoid obstacles on her way, but also collect coins, experience chests, gems, and power-ups. In Subway Princess Runner coins and gems are used to unlock new characters and skins, experience chest give you experience points required to unlock new content such as maps, power-ups enhance your character abilities during the game, for example if you pick up a magnet, then it will be easier for you to collect coins from adjacent tracks. Sometimes on your way you will find a teleport gates. Enter the gates to teleport to another map. This way you can move from New York Subway to Paris Highway where you will have to dodge high-speed cars. Download Subway Princess Runner and find out how far can you run!


Subway Princess Runner apk mod (Moddroid download) is one of the easiest games to play. Even if you are not a game expert, you will quickly learn the controls. In game there are three tracks (left, center and right) and all you must do is to swipe your finger to left or right to avoid an obstacle on the current track. Sometimes you will have to jump over an obstacle or roll under it. Basically, that is all. Simple, isn’t it? Download Subway Princess Runner to find it out by yourself!


Subway Princess Runner game will surprise you with a number of rewards you will receive during the game. During each run you will collect plenty of collectibles. The most common item is coin. Coins are exchangeable for skins and other rewards in shop. From time to time you can also find a chest on your way. Run into it to open it and receive a few experience points. If you collect enough experience points you will level up and unlock more items to purchase in shops, new gadgets, and maps. For example, when you level up to level 5 and 15, you will unlock new maps (Bangkok Forest and Candy World respectively). You can also get special rewards for completing missions and achievements. If you feel you don’t have enough coins, then you can follow the game on social media or watch advertisements. For each activity you will be rewarded with coins or other collectibles. The collectibles can be exchanged in the store for new characters and skins. You can also spend them to buy chests and try your luck. Last but not least, you can use them to upgrade your characters and increase power-up duration. Thanks to the upgrades you can attract nearby coins longer, double the score while running longer or increase your multiplier for one run. Don’t forget to download Subway Princess Runner after installing Moddroid mod apk to get all rewards!


Subway Princess Runner features console-quality graphics. Moreover, the game doesn’t require a high-end phone to display 3D graphics in full resolution. Subway Princess Runner apk mod (Moddroid apk download) will amaze you with its visual, comic, child-friendly graphics.


Get Moddroid 2022 lastest mod apk to download and install Subway Princess Runner mod apk. Do not waste any minute and run as fast as possible to outrun the cop and collect as many collectibles as possible. Grab wonderful rewards, upgrade your abilities, and unlock new characters!


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Download APK (103.27MB)
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