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Wild Castle
App Name Wild Castle
Genre Arcade
Size 79.61MB
Latest Version 1.13.1
MOD Info Menu/Max MP/God mode
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A completely new tower defense experience with all the cool features can be found in Wild Castle TD. You will see more interesting mechanics and defend your territory against attacks from enemies and bosses. In addition, the power you own will be developed depending on your wishes, and all form a solid defense against the enemy.


Players will become the owner of a castle in Wild Castle TD with three basic heroes, but unfortunately, this castle is always attacked by monster enemies. So you will try to protect it by building more troops to take down the enemies that may appear in front of you. In addition, it possesses some other characteristics compared to other tower defense games that you will quickly recognize through some levels. You own yourself, three basic heroes, along with a castle placed at the bottom of the screen, and enemies will move from top to bottom. At the same time, you will have the option of building new buildings or recruiting more heroes, but it will require a certain amount of money, and you cannot do it at the beginning of the game. Therefore, you will focus on upgrading the available units and passive skills in the talents section to win the level. Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021


When you experience this game, the heroes are the first force you get. After completing a wave, you will be given two specific options. For example, in the second wave, you will get Castle upgrades or additional Archers. For the first upgrade, you will notice that the castle's stats have increased, and it helps you survive longer against enemy attacks. At the same time, Archers will be an added force to assist you in attacking enemies at long range. Each wave in Wild Castle TD has a certain amount of enemies, and you will see a white bar signaling the end of that wave. That means as the white bar disappears, stronger enemies will gradually appear. So in this game, you will face some stronger enemies, and with only 3-4 attacks, you will lose all your health and be defeated. You will try to find ways to stop the enemy's advance in many different ways. The heroes will attack continuously to stop the enemy advance towards your castle. Also, in some cases, you can see each character's skills are ready when the bar above them is fully charged. But there is still one factor that you will need to take care of: the mana that the castle can provide. You will need to know the mana cost of each hero when using skills to make the right decisions in battle.
Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021 Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021


As you kill more and more enemies in Wild Castle TD, you will gain a certain amount of experience, and it continues to increase until you level up. The advantage when you level up is that you will get a skill point along with new boxes to build buildings or add heroes. In other words, increasing the level is a necessity and obvious when you overcome many different enemies on the game screen. In addition, when you receive skill points, choose the skill appropriately. On the right side of the screen, you will see a purple pot with some signal to upgrade skills in the Talents section. In this section, there will be many skills that you can increase, and it affects many aspects of the battle against the enemy, such as strength, increase the money you get, or sometimes get more experience.


You need to care about two resources in Wild Castle TD, which are gems and gold coins that you can get after each different battle. Also, by choosing two picks after each match, you'll be able to upgrade an element multiple times. In other words, if you have money left, then you can continue to upgrade to the element you need, like adding more archers to the castle to take down enemies. There is a rest period for you to prepare the necessary upgrades before starting the next wave.
Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021 Wild Castle TD: Grow Empire Tower Defense in 2021
Another factor that you will be interested in is the strength of the heroes that you can use. Specifically, you will use the money to upgrade their power, and it also costs a certain amount of gold. Additionally, gems will be used to promote heroes to a new branch of their class. This game owns many heroes with different branches that you will need to care about and upgrade depending on your needs.

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