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Pokémon TCG Online
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Pokémon Trading Card Game has long been considered one of the best PC card trading games alongside Yu-Gi-Oh! and some other games. The game is directly inspired by its real-life card games for those who like to collect Pokémon cards. Pokémon TCG Online is the online game version of Pokémon Trading Card Game, released in 2011 by The Pokémon Company as Pokémon Trainer Challenge. The game is available for Microsoft, iPad, Android and macOS.


Do you love Pokémon? This animated series and comic are loved by millions of people around the world. This is also the inspiration for publishers to create games with different genres, which among them are the game phenomenon in 2016 – Pokémon GO.

How to play Pokémon TCG Online?

At the beginning of the game, Pokémon TCG Online has detailed instructions to help you understand the basic rules of this game. If you have ever played this card game in real life, this is not so important. But new players may experience some difficulty in learning how to play.

Things are not as hard as you think. So Do not worry.

Although the gameplay of the game has a depth with many unpredictable techniques, the basic gameplay of Pokémon TCG Online is quite simple. The matches are arranged in the form of 1v1. In it, you and other players will bring your Pokémon to the arena in the form of cards.

To participate in a match, you need to have at least 25 cards to be thoroughly shuffled, in which some cards are energy cards. At one point, you can only use 6 Pokémon including 1 Pokémon in the arena and the remaining 5 Pokémon on Bench.

Cards that want to be fought must be Basic cards, that is, Pokémon that are still in their original, not yet evolved or some special Pokémon. Of course, each Pokémon has its own skills and attributes depending on the type of card and its origin.

For example, If you have an original Pikachu card (Basic) and you own a Raichu card (Stage 1), you can apply it to the Pikachu card to evolve into Raichu. New Raichu will have the same skills and attributes as in the old Raichu card. Note that you can only upgrade sequentially, not jump from Basic to Stage 2 or 3.

The cards have already written the skills including some information such as the name of the skill, the amount of damage and the number of energy cards required. When it’s your turn if you have enough energy cards you can use that skill to attack the opponent. You can only add one energy card at each turn, so you should use the skill appropriately.

Moreover, when wanting to replace a Pokémon in the arena with another Pokémon, the game will require some energy cards. So managing well the number of energy cards is an important factor to win Pokémon TCG Online.

One of two players wins when the opponent runs out of cards to withdraw, or the opponent cannot replace the Pokémon in the arena with a Pokémon on Bench, or when you defeat the opponent’s 6 Pokémon and win 6 Prize Cards.

What is the Trainer card?

Besides the two common types of cards are Pokémon cards and energy cards, the Trainer card allows the player to perform some of the requirements written on the card. For example, heal Pokémon, increase Pokémon power, draw more cards, changing cards, …

A lot of interesting activities

The interesting thing about Pokémon TCG Online is that the game allows you to play with other online players around the world. You can find friends with the same passion for Pokémon Trading Card Game anywhere in the case of having few friends who can share your interests. Like Pokémon Trading Card Game, this game has a Play With AI mode for you to practice at any time.

How to receive a free Pokémon card?

If you are passionate about Pokémon Trading Card Game and often buy this card, enter the code in the card to receive 10 free card packs in Pokémon TCG Online. It seems that The Pokémon Company is very interested in his fans. This is a great thing for a fan of Pokémon TCG like me.

Download Pokémon TCG Online APK for Android

Overall, this is a game “worth a try” with Pokémon fans and card game fans. Are you ready to become a card master in Pokémon TCG Online? If you want to share some interesting things about the game, leave a comment below the article.

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