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Cooking Mama v1.89.0 MOD APK (Unlimited money ) Download

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Cooking Mama
App Name Cooking Mama
Genre Educational
Size 79.34MB
Latest Version 1.89.0
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Rating 4.0/5 (6 votes)
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Cooking Mama (MOD, Unlimited Gold Coins) puts you in the job of a real chef3 to complete the stages to make a portion of delicious food and experience many fun mini-games.
A fun cooking experience is included in Cooking Mama: Let's Cook! can impress any player because of the challenge and fun it can bring. They will perform the job of a chef ultimately, meticulously, and precisely to achieve high ratings. In addition, the number of recipes in the game is also a factor that players cannot ignore, and each dish has its characteristics. Finally, don't forget to try cooking the new limited-time cooked food updated in the current version.


Players will have an exciting experience when entering the kitchen of a restaurant under the guidance of an NPC. You will get many different elements in the game to grasp the mechanics of this game. At the same time, you will play a character who can perform cooking actions, and these actions are all controlled by you. In other words, you cannot watch your character cook automatically. This cooking offers an entirely authentic experience that anyone will love and immerse themselves in. It owns stunning graphics that anyone will enjoy with NPCs that have a fascinating appearance. So you'll take the time to make the dishes you love and prepare the ingredients ultimately to ensure your dishes don't have any problems. It is not quite simple, but you will need to spend a lot of time to experience it.


As mentioned above, you will take the time to experience the cooking in complete detail, and everything is not done automatically. In other words, you will take some actions involved to make sure the process goes smoothly. You will be able to step a food that will need to perform complicated steps in this game. When you start a recipe, you'll know what you need to do, and the process will follow a predetermined order. As mentioned above, each recipe requires a certain number of steps to complete a dish, and the preparation or cooking tasks performed are entirely different. For example, you would have to cut the garlic and peel it, then do the mash-up of an existing piece of meat, fry it, and you'd have to turn the sides so it cooks evenly manually. You will perform these tasks according to the instructions, and each element requires a certain amount of meticulousness. So you'll see, do, and re-experience yourself if you fail. The rich element in this game is reflected in preparing ingredients and cooking them into a perfect dish to serve and in the recipes that you can open in the game. With different dishes, you will be able to find the steps to cook, and it is an entirely new experience for players because there is no single dish that is the same in terms of processing. Therefore, players will feel the urge to experience this.


The dishes in Cooking Mama are challenges that anyone will have to overcome, and it also has an exciting way of entertainment. Therefore, they can cook any dish they like and meet the needs in each stage. Players can know the completion level of the steps to cook a dish through the number of stars they receive. All the stages you prepare have factors that you must pay attention to get pretty good results. In the game's stages, players will follow specific instructions and observe signaling factors to ensure the dish's quality. For example, you would throw some element accurately on top of an ever-changing slice of pizza or flatten a piece of mashed meat by tossing it back between your hands, and you might end up flying the piece of meat out. So all stages have certain risks that you will need to pay close attention to and overcome carefully.


Besides playing the main cooking game in this game, you will certainly not ignore the minigames with equally fascinating gameplay to change your experience. Specifically, the game offers more than 30 different games, and you will experience these games for a certain period. These games focus on simplicity and agility rather than complexity compared to the main gameplay of Cooking Mama. You can find some game inside these minigames like you will enter a garden and harvest ripe berries. Sometimes, you will throw suitable pineapples at the moving baskets to earn points. You can also experience the cashier's location and return change to customers who have purchased. So, it can be said that you will encounter many exciting elements inside this game and have fun entertainment times.

Download Cooking Mama (MOD, Unlimited money )

Download APK (79.34MB)
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