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Among Us
App Name Among Us
Genre Multiplayer
Size 166.13MB
Latest Version 2022.4.19
MOD Info Unlocked
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Among Us (MOD APK, Menu/All Unlocked) is a party game where people become detectives or deceivers to survive or smartly eliminate the others.

Games that mainly emphasize interactions between players are often opportunities for players to demonstrate communication skills or other factors. There are already many games with that content globally, but Among Us is still a widely discussed topic and is a hot trend on the internet recently. Most likely, this game will appear on many different platforms, where players demonstrate skills to deceive, interact, investigate, and become impostors. The entertainment of the game mainly emphasizes interaction between players to heighten the fun and excitement. Thus, each member in a session needs perfect detective skills to complete the game's objectives. Among Us (MOD, Many Features)


Among Us mod apk is a simple game with cute graphics and player-friendly to focus on communicating between players. The game will introduce a unique setting, where players are members of an astronaut crew on a mission. However, among them will be an impostor with an evil goal and the rest of the players need to find him before everything is over. The game's content is simple, but players have to take advantage of many different factors to reason and need active interaction of other members to exploit information. Besides the goals, the game will have many maps and other attractive functions for players to entertain and make the gameplay more exciting. Among Us (MOD, Many Features)


The game has two different teams, The Crewmate and Impostor, and each team's mission is different, making the game more exciting and intense with each passing time. The first and most popular faction is the Crewmate, the regular astronaut whose goal is to complete all the tasks and finish the game before being reaped by Impostor. Each member has a different amount of work, but some jobs share characteristics, and they always cause the player to move around the map and interact with mini-games. Likewise, the Crewmate can complete tasks, and the game will have visual effects so that crewmates can prove they are not Impostors. Among Us (MOD, Many Features)


In contrast to Crewmates, Imposters have a special role and have the exact opposite goal, such as destroying the map or killing all Crewmates before being thrown out of the airlock. Impostors cannot do tasks, so Crewmates can be easily suspicious and immediately reported without any visual effects around them. In contrast, Impostors can move around the map faster thanks to the widely built vent system, help them escape after causing a scene. Furthermore, they can sabotage critical parts on the map, and within a limited time, the Crewmates must repair them before the entire map is destroyed and defeated. Among Us (MOD, Many Features)


The game's most prominent feature is discussing when a dead body is reported, or someone presses an emergency button. During this time, everyone must provide information to prove their innocence, identify the suspects, and remove the airlock's Impostors. The rule of voting is important, and people can vote whoever they want or skip the vote. Thus, the person with the most votes will be thrown off the map in the next round. That is an important moment for people to communicate with each other, while normally it is not possible to communicate of any kind. Among Us (MOD, Many Features)


Among Us mod always gives players interesting content such as maps, gameplay, and content, including character costumes. Players can comfortably do character customization in the lounge before starting the game, and the player can change their color, hat, costume, and pet. Everything is rich and lively, and even players will have a chance to receive special costumes from international festivals.


The map diversity in Among Us is a significant change in gameplay, as each map has different interactions, including tasks and sabotage. However, all maps have one thing in common, a crewmate identification and tracking system. People can take advantage of these functions, distinguishing between friends and foes or spot any abnormally. Conversely, impostors will have a wider range thanks to the vent design, allowing them to move around and finish the crewmate undetected. Among Us (MOD, Many Features) Among Us is an entertaining game when played with friends and has extra functions enabled, and always gives players new content regularly. Moreover, the game will constantly update new functions for players to explore, in which the proximity chat function or extra game modes is the most fun and creative. If you want to show off your detective's ability to lie or reason, then this game is where you come from.

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lo provare

ling ArKar Mung
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Among us

23 hr

its cool game damn its new update but it not updates i lost accajnt

Gabriel Leão Go
55 hr

muito muito bom jogo o dia todo muito bom para bens de verdade

Annjo Vidad
65 hr

ilikr this game its so amazing

Yee런 닝겐(이시국에?)
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7 hr

人狼ゲームみたいで普通に面白いです。軽く説明するとクルー(市民)と裏切り者(人狼)に別れて戦うゲームです。クルーは宇宙船でタスクをクリアするか裏切り者を全滅させると勝利となります。裏切り者はハッチや特殊能力を使ってクルーをキルすることが目的です。死体を発見して報告するか、中央エリアのボタンを押すと投票が始まります。そこでのみ会話ができるので怪しい人を報告したり、自分がどこにいたかなどを話したり出来ます。票が多かった人は宇宙に捨てられます(追放)。日本語は対応してませんが、「who」と「why?」と「〇〇(色や名前)」が打てれば普通にゲームをする事が出来ますので是非やってみて欲しいです。自分の状況等を英語で話せるともっと有利になります(I finished the task.やI saw him.など)。名前の後ろなどに「JPN」を付ければ日本人として意識してもらえて、多少のミスをしても見逃してもらえる可能性がありますよ。

Ŝậỹḟ Ňăŝŕ Ĥặḓḓầ
21 hr

is top game woooooooh !!!! damn

Guillermo Ló...
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it works soo well thank you

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trolls but still a nice game

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