Grand Theft Auto V - Prologue v0.1 MOD APK

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Grand Theft Auto V - Prologue
App Name Grand Theft Auto V - Prologue
Genre Multiplayer
Size 108.96MB
Latest Version 0.1
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Rating 3.7/5 (164 votes)
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GTA V APK is a free application for Android-driven mobile phones. GTA V mod APK can be easily found and downloaded on Moddroid APK download site. Are you done with playing similar mobile games over and over? Have you ever dreamed about playing something really exciting and addictive while riding a bus or completing other time-consuming activities? Immerse into a complex, well-built story or get lost among multiple joyful side-quests? If your answer is "yes", it's more than sure that GTA V mobile APK is what you need! Just pay a visit to Moddroid 2022 lastest mod apk, you won't regret it.



Today, almost a decade after its premiere, Grand Theft Auto V is unquestionably one of the biggest and best known electronic games titles in the world. Among the game's biggest accomplishments one can mention millions of copies sold, countless awards, its meaningful pop-cultural impact, and finally being considered as one of the titles that not only enjoy the iconic status, but also undoubtedly deserve it. GTA V APK is loaded with varied content, which allows to a player choose his individual style and makes every walkthrough an experience completely different from the previous ones. The whole GTA franchise has been famous for its high quality and for supporting player's individual style by providing various differentiated activities. As a narrative game, it offers a great plot, focusing on three various characters. You can follow Michael, a middle-aged gangster, torn apart between a role of an exemplary husband and father, and his second, criminal life. Driven to the edge of mental breakdown, he resembles Tony Soprano whose only friend is his therapist and who desperately tries to afloat on the surface. Or you can join Franklin, an aspiring gangster, trying to build his criminal career. And last but not least, you can meet Trevor, the audience's favorite, a psychopathic former (might-have-been) pilot, and spend some time with him on your way to fulfill the wildest dreams you've ever dreamed. Or you can simply pay a visit to all the temptations offered by Los Santos. Bank robbery, car smuggling, fire exchanges, visiting striptease bars, stealing and driving fancy cars, listening to great radio soundtracks, and much, much more – if you feel overwhelmed with the galloping action, you can check out one of all these (and many more) activities and hunt for some hidden attractions offered now to your mobile by GTA V APK download available with Moddroid download. No matter if you've been through GTA V before and managed to gather all platinum awards, or you're still considering playing it for the very first time, it's good to start with GTA V APK download for Android. No need to purchase any console nor any gaming PC, no need to be restricted to your room exclusively when you feel like to play  – GTA V mod APK demands from you having a tool that you take with you everywhere, anyway.


GTA V APK MOD is easily searchable and downloadable on Moddroid mod APK site. The game offers the best quality currently accessible for mobile games and allows you to enjoy one of the top accomplishments of modern electronic industry on your mobile. Take GTA V APK mod everywhere and try it out every time you wish to. Just search for GTA V mod APK among other Moddroid apps for Android-driven tools and feel like you were in the gaming heaven with GTA V mobile APK.


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Download APK (108.96MB)
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