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App Name Arcaea
Genre Music
Size 918.83MB
Latest Version 4.0.256
MOD Info Unlocked All Content
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Arcaea (MOD, All Unlocked) immerses you in a creative musical world with two lost girls and the chance to uncover hidden mysteries from the past.
You are a lover of enjoying soft music during your gaming or are looking for music genre games, then Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game will be a choice that you do not want can be ignored. Coming to this game will transport you into a new world where the experience on the game 'Arc' takes place in a completely new 3-dimensional direction and countless other outstanding features that are constantly being updated and complete.


Arcaea is a rhythm game with innovative new music. This is also where a story revolves around two young girls; they are lost in a completely ruined world with the same name as the game. This is not an ordinary world, but it contains the ruins, the pieces leftover from the past. The deeper they sink, the more mysterious things they realize with conflicting views, and finding the lost creature is not easy. With the development of the plot, the player must come up with an intelligent way to play to be able to help this world get rid of the conflicts of yin and bring it back to a peaceful life as before, especially bringing the existing light has a regular pattern returning to its original aura. In addition, players play an essential role in coming up with ideas and giving them an impetus to create new musical energy for a great adventure.


The game is inspired by legendary music games like Guitar Hero or, most recently, Tapsonic, so Arcaea also has completely similar gameplay. Before entering the challenge, the player is allowed to play a comedy in the music library. When starting, the player must not miss the black dots running down the screen because the words represent the musical notes in the song. The higher the music, the faster the speed will be, so the player must concentrate. To successfully perform each level, you need to perform simple operations on your touch screen by touching, holding, and sliding each black note as they move down the screen. If the player wants to get a high score and increase his position in the leaderboard, he has to make sure he doesn't miss a single note and hits it at the right time. After successful, the game will automatically calculate the score and save it to the achievement score.


Coming to this game, players can immerse themselves in bright songs and conflict in a world filled with ruins. You will be free to enjoy more than 160 songs in many different genres and styles, especially the appearance of more than 100 famous artists in other games. Each track is fully illustrated with various images. In addition, players can also take advantage of the music library to update and expand in many new ways. To experience more levels of buddy development and develop more skills in each gameplay, Arcaea also offers a variety of difficulty levels. Specifically, each song will be divided into three groups in slow to medium and finally fast. Therefore, players need to prepare a specific concentration and practice regularly to overcome these problematic tracks. Show your bravery to raise your position in the ranking arena with many other gamers.


In this version, the manufacturer also updated many new elements to form more diverse gameplay. An improved in-game progression system that is entirely different from the previous version allows players to unlock more recent songs, including five songs, adding many new Partner Shirahime to make interactive, and primarily offers a new storyline with many fine details attractive and equally entertaining.


Not only that, the highlight and always appreciated by every gamer in this game is probably in the image quality. Players will enjoy their fighting style in a vibrant and magical environment. The characters are depicted prominently and in detail. Besides, because it is a music game, sound also plays a vital role, and it has been successfully portrayed to make the game more attractive and attractive. Overall, Arcaea is one of the music games that have received great success on the market today. With a pop-up interface, simple gameplay, realistic depiction of sound, and especially outstanding features. Follow these two girls to experience the adventure in this exciting music world.

Download Arcaea (MOD, Unlocked All Content)

Download APK (918.83MB)
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Niki Zhang
83 hr


112 hr


joy lee
8 hr


38 hr

this is a great game!

103 hr

Love the animatic style of art, everything is beautiful set off the music. The music should be the spirit of this game, they are original and rhythmic, although there are not many choice of music at the start, to play more will unlock more musics, like other rhythm games. The gameplay is pretty traditional which tap the floor lane, there are four lanes and nodes, so nothing quite splendid during gameplay. The game supports online feature, such as ranking, friends and buy more music packs. Supports English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. This is beautiful game if you want enjoy something rhythmic and peaceful.

97 hr

Игра хорошая, затягивает с первой музыки.

34 hr

Stunning graphics, good maps, and fun time. An old type of a rhythm game, with new features. There are loads of cool sliders, that feel very responsive. Lots of time to spend, recommend if you are into games like osu! and others. The aesthetics are amazing, sometimes it feels a little Vaporwavey. Summarized, it's a fun game to play if you are bored, or addicted to this type of games. LGLS - 7.9/10 [lgls: Legendary Gamer League score, which is more varied]

72 hr

초반엔 어려울 수 있으나 하다보면 재미있음

Вова Наумов
115 hr

Отличная игра