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Magic Tiles 3
App Name Magic Tiles 3
Genre Music
Size 137.03MB
Latest Version 9.064.004
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Magic Tiles 3 (MOD, Unlimited Money) brings the piano sounds of popular songs and music genres to make you a great musician.
Suppose you are a music lover and want to experience musical work and want to stretch your hands on the keys. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? Come to Magic Tiles 3 to experience the best piano game. It's excellent that until now, this game is available for free on your mobile device. This is a special game in different piano genre games. Even more exceptional, players will be attracted by the great gameplay.


Similar to other piano games. This is a game with basic gameplay and could be better. The rules of the game are not very difficult. Players just need to touch the black tiles on the screen. The faster you tap, the more the screen scrolls upwards. At that time, it will appear many other black and white cells. Players must be quick hands, quick eyes to not touch the white cells. If you violate, you will lose immediately. Not only that, you must adhere to the order of the black cells. You must not jump to get ahead. If violated, the game is immediately over.
Magic Tiles 3 Magic Tiles 3


It's not just about the gameplay. You will be attracted to even catchy music. Many genres of music are included in the game by the producer. You can experience all the music from gentle to powerful for yourself. Many genres of music such as POP, EDM, classical or Latin, ... each genre will give you many different songs. You can choose songs that suit your mood at that time. Music can ease your mood and bring you happy moments. Always update and give players the best experience. Magic Tiles 3 always gives players the most comfortable and exciting moments. When participating in this game, you are both entertained while playing the game and listening to good songs. When you play the game, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Like you created the song yourself. The game is always updated with the latest, hottest songs on the market to include. Alternate between many of the latest songs will not let you get bored.


When starting a new job, everyone must have been nervous and made mistakes. Like when you start a track in Magic Tiles 3, you get nervous and very quickly lose. Pick a favorite song to start being a great musician. You will be immersed in the music. Feel the keys "jumping" on your hands. You will really feel it when you touch the black keys. The success of music will start with the keys.
Magic Tiles 3 Magic Tiles 3


In addition to the black and white keys, rules when playing, you will have to touch the black squares until the song ends. Touching as many keys with fast speed will easily make you win. In addition to the above 2-color squares, the game also has blue cells when the music is in the climax. Players will touch and hold those keys to the end of the square so that you will create a better and more rhythmic song. The players also have to pay attention, each tile will run out of turn, and you have to be careful not to touch the remaining tiles. If you make a mistake - game over!


While this is the main mode game, it's one player. But in the settings, players can select battles. The song you like will be chosen and people with like interests invited. Two people are going to compete and see who wins. You compare yourself to plain songs. You must be careful not to make small errors. You can lose even a gentle touch. Be careful not to make errors. Be careful.


Magic Tiles 3 does not offer gifts such as items and artifacts like other genre games. Players will win by creating a record on each track. You will receive valuable “diamonds” parts. It will make you excited to play. Or after each win, you will be unlocked a random song. Maybe it's your favorite song for a long time. Players can use diamonds to buy one or several favorite songs. Try to win more unique gifts.


Although this is a free game, you may be surprised by the unique features of this game. Currently, the game has special sections in the VIP feature. With this feature, you won't be bothered by bullshit ads from third parties. Not only that, you can instantly unlock 5000 of the hottest songs. Extra special, you will be revived for free (no diamonds to buy) and play non-stop.

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ja abaixei muitas vezes, e eu gosto de joga magic tiles 3 muito bom mesmo, recomendo abaixem

0 hr

muito legal parabéns

0 hr

It works. But why unlimited money if everything is unlocked.

102 hr

Tension relief game

PRINCE Praja...
62 hr


19 hr

Good game

hoàng phúc nguy
16 hr


58 hr

i like 2 phut hot 😘😘😘

Frahan Hafeez
62 hr


79 hr


0 hr

This App is Amazing, I love it sooo much! ...Although, there are the smallest(or largest) little pauses or glitches sometimes when I do a song and it messes me up! It’s almost like a small skip. Also, adds pop up Whenever they want, a few times apps have popped up in the middle of a song or right when I hit the start button! I’m not going to pay for no adds and all that. This app is still addicting no matter how many adds there are. Another thing, most of the songs aren’t even sung by their Real Artists, which I find very disappointing. I really don’t like that their is a different person singing Faded because he is making it sound like a full on pop hype song! Which it’s not. I’m not going to pay to get the real artists singing them. I would also really wish that there would be a thing that you could turn on lyrics to the songs so you could sing to them which I believe would be soo cool!!! I also wish that the song Oceans(Hill song UNITED) could be on there and song Christian hit songs, and this is just my wish because I’m Christian and I love the songs. The app does have really good song choices though and keeps up with the trendy songs! This App is Still Really Fun and Amazing🎶🎵😋 Take this into thought please 😊🥺😊