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Muse Dash
App Name Muse Dash
Genre Music
Size 1790.55MB
Latest Version 2.6.0
MOD Info Unlocked/Immortal
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A fun and completely accessible musical experience that any player will enjoy in Muse Dash. In this update, many factors have been adjusted to ensure fairness in calculating points and what players can collect. In addition, the challenges that the player can face ultimately appear inside the tracks that the player will need to overcome.


In the new version of Muse Dash, players will find three fixed bugs that affect the user experience through characters, songs, and illustrations. The first factor to mention is that the outfits of the character Rin, Bunny Girl Rin, have problems related to collecting scores and leading to inaccurate calculation results. Therefore, those who have unlocked this skin can continue to play, usually as other characters or skins. The following bug involved Medusa's song, and the player had problems getting back to the main screen after playing the music. Therefore, in the current version, the player's experience has a specific guarantee from the character to the song. In addition, during the game, don't worry too much because you can't open more illustrations related to the characters. That was also fixed to ensure player progress in this game.


Players will experience many levels of rhythm gameplay that are completely interesting but equally challenging. In Muse Dash, players will enter a colorful world that anyone will love and confront various enemies that may appear before their eyes. The character will move in a 2D environment, and your job is to handle the elements that reasonably appear in front of you. If you don't know how to manage them, then you can start the tutorial level available. You will see the elements to beat during the move except for the note and the heart, two factors that support the player. The details that you can smash appear in two different paths are on the ground and in the air. So the player will need to observe to perform the activity at the right time. In addition, some unique factors that players need to pay attention to are some unique elements with tails that you need to hold down or elements with two elements appearing parallel in two lines. It can be said that this is a game that challenges players in the necessary skills and reflexes. But compared with some other games of the same genre, players can realize a difference. Specifically, the blue musical notes will help you gain points, and the heart will heal you. If you ignore any element, you will lose health, and when your HP runs out, everything stops. When the blue bar on HP is filled, the player will enter the Fever state.


As mentioned above, the problem song has been improved to experience whatever you want safely and have no problems. When it comes to a music game, you definitely cannot ignore its captivating experience because it will make you unable to stop paying attention to the game screen. The game environment and the songs with catchy melodies completely provide a great experience for the players, and each song will have its character and challenge. Over time, you will see your level bar increase and unlock many new elements; one of them is the illustrations. These are images related to the character and are completely eye-catching, following the style of the game. So, anyone who has liked the characters will want to download an image set as wallpaper. But the journey to do this will be arduous and time-consuming.


Your starting character will be Rin, and you will control her throughout the early game and collect various items. The characteristic of each character in this game is that you can see a unique skill that you can see and has a specific effect on your level. At the same time, these characters also have awe-inspiring looks and a prosperous number of characters that anyone would love to unlock. Besides information about skills, the unlocking factor is also something that players care about in Muse Dash. Specifically, you will see a lock and corresponding item to unlock these characters, and they are collected through the levels you go through. In other words, leveling up is an undeniable thing that anyone will need to do. In addition, the character system includes the default character (Rin), the variant of the default character that wears an outfit, and other characters.

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Download APK (1790.55MB)
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The mod is usable and the game is great but when I play it, it's confusing =)))

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unlock every music……you konw that

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bem divertido e personagems legais

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