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Sonic Cat
App Name Sonic Cat
Genre Music
Size 79.85MB
Latest Version 1.7.6
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Sonic Cat is a name that has caused fever in recent times because of the fun and excitement it has brought to the audience - people who love entertainment and are passionate about music. If you are used to and bored with enjoying good music through music applications such as Spotify or Youtube, etc., then you can spend time on this unique music game. Sonic cat is a game that is extremely loved by the online community because it has a magical combination of different creative games with or "ecstatic" sound melodies!


Do you believe this game brings the most comfortable entertainment while serving other needs skillfully for players? Tell me a little more about it! This is a game with a combination of gameplay and sound, which means that the music element is very focused and integrated into the game is very artistic. The player's task in this game is simple: focus on listening to music and performing finger movements. There is nothing more wonderful than being immersed in the music and reveling in each of their tunes. We can feel the sweetness in each song and absorb all the stories contained in the lyrics. It's a way to enjoy music as much as "enjoyment" and highly effective. It is not only good for your spirit when it relieves the fatigue in your heart, but it also helps the human brain to develop in the best way thanks to music.


As a game that pays attention to the art and relaxation of the human brain and soul, how to play the game is not much of a problem for players. On the contrary, its gameplay is straightforward and suitable for many audiences of players, from old to younger, from little to old. All are easily accessible and operated, and enjoy the melodious melodies that sound really good. By using your finger to select the song you love and want to enjoy, the music will be played immediately. In the process of enjoying, if you want to cut down on some segments at the hit point, for example, then you need to press or hold the screen at that segment to follow your liking. You need to keep a focused attitude and perform in the best way while enjoying music and playing games! Because those games have a speedy tempo, you need to be agile in manipulation and in your mind too!


The game has designed countless songs with different tunes with a variety of genres. This is a plus point for the game because it targets many different audiences without being restricted by any one object. Thus, anyone can join and enjoy the world of music and games; everyone has the opportunity to be entertained and be immersed in that bustling world. Moreover, the producer's number of songs is always updated to change the atmosphere and bring newness to the players. Another outstanding feature of the game is that this game has many different levels of play designed on a very intuitive and unique interface. It provides players with a variety of skills and different weapons for players to choose from. The player's experience of controlling the game will also be constantly improved thanks to the constant change in levels included in the game.


The cat is a special symbol that has a figurative meaning in this game. When players want to choose their favorite song, they just need to click on the cat's paw. Like that, the image of the cat is like the soul of the game. It is the place that allows you to start the music and also the place to start the game. Interesting, is not it? With this cat, players will perform manipulations to control them to continue the most classic adventures. By slashing the diamonds and right/left sound blocks. If you slash at the right time, your chances of getting a perfect score and respawn will be very high. The number of stars, points, and diamonds that players collect after the accumulation process will help you conquer success in this game. This is a game that tests the player's agility, vivacity, and sharp eyes; let's experience it together to see how much you react!

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Download APK (79.85MB)
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Элмагнифесо Дин
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ci sono bug, e così si può giocare

ggmod 8
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only more songs are missing, but it's very good S2

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i love anime