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Top Drives – Car Cards Racing v16.00.01.16197 APK + OBB - Download for Android

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Top Drives
App Name Top Drives
Genre Racing
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Ordinary racing games are probably no stranger to many players around the world. But what has so much will make people feel bored, if you are bored with normal racing games then come to Top Drives. When coming to this game, surely one thing is that you will experience is a lot of new things that have never appeared before. Because of those things, right from the time of the launch of this game has attracted a lot of players coming to the game to experience it. How about you? Want to experience new things or not? If so, come to Top Drives immediately to get those feelings offline. Top Drives – Car Cards Racing


As mentioned before, this game is not an ordinary racing game that the player has tried before. It is a combination of many factors such as racing, card game, tactics to give players something different. A lot of people will think that this combination is not a good idea because it will make the game a mess. But this did not happen, this combination has become unique to this game and has attracted a lot of players to the game. When there are these combinations, the gameplay has also been changed to fit those things. Top Drives – Car Cards Racing


Firstly, about the cars, in this game, the cars were made in the form of cards for players to collect. This game has more than a hundred different cars for players to choose and bring into the race. But when starting the game, the player is only provided a few normal cars to use the game. From ordinary cars used by many people to supercars are present in the game for players to use. But to unlock the cars, the player needs to win the stage to unlock them. Each time the winner gets a random car or you can accumulate money to buy them. Top Drives – Car Cards Racing


In a race, what the player does is not put, the player must not directly influence the result of the match. Players will participate in five races and only need to win three matches to become the winner. Players will be able to choose five cars that they feel fit to start the race. But the races are not the same, they will have many different driving ways that players need to notice. There are races used to test a car's drift ability such as G Force or a race to test speed like Drag Racing. Even between the races, there are differences in the weather, sometimes it is sunny and sometimes it will rain. Top Drives – Car Cards Racing


The most important step in this game that players need to do is to choose which cars to participate in which race. Because cars will have different characteristics such as cars with good drift ability, choose to join G Force. Vehicles with strong power and acceleration can choose to participate in Drag Racing. If you are so clever, you will easily win all five races and complete that stage.

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Download APK (558.66MB)
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